This Beauty Pageant Winner Helps Women Look and Feel Their Best

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Beauty is skin deep to some, but for women like Eve Dawes — a beauty pageant veteran and former Miss Nevada, 2017 — beauty means so much more. She is the owner of Nevada-based companies Dawes Custom Cosmetics and Glamour and Gains by Eve. Both aim to help women feel more confident by providing them with beauty recommendations customized to fit their goals, life plans, and more.

“All of the life skills and careers I've had seemed to combine together to create my current companies, services, and experiences I offer,” the Girl Scout alum tells CircleAround. “My current day-to-day role is to ensure we are staying on top of marketing, what consumers want, to keep developing new products, customer relations, as well as creating blog and podcast content to educate on health, cruelty-free beauty and fashion. Fueled by lots of coffee!”

CircleAround chatted with Dawes to learn more about her life as a small business owner, and how her experiences shaped the companies she has built today. 

CA: How did you get started in the makeup industry?

ED: I was inspired to create Dawes Custom Cosmetics, the cruelty-free cosmetics line, after I was tired of wasting time and money searching for the perfect shade and texture of lipstick that wasn’t full of chemicals and wouldn’t dry my lips out. From my art background, photography classes, business management, and social media skills, I've learned a lot from working with various companies on Sorority Specialties for over a decade. I understand what’s missing and what we want as consumers in makeup.

I didn’t want to be just another makeup company. Through listening to others, I realized that I was not alone in wanting affordable, luxury experiences that make people feel special. I kept this in mind whilst ensuring that I developed a conscientious company that’s kind to the body, animals, and environment. 

CA: How did your role as a pageant participant influence the work you do today?

ED: Being a pageant queen and involved in the pageant world made me want to create a company with a philanthropic core. Hopefully, this will inspire more companies to follow suit. I encourage others to compete and help them do so by coaching them on their journey to the stage. They make you much more involved in your community and community service, give you a platform to advocate about your charity or pressing issues on, and create personal growth.

CA: What is the customer experience like?

ED: I wanted the wearer to feel special, to have fun creating their unique look, and to feel beautiful and valued. The customer can select the finish, color, scent, texture, and name it; it’s a really exciting concept and makes for a special bachelorette, wedding, birthday-party treat, memento, or thoughtful gift. We also have a ready-to-wear line of makeup.

One of the most exciting moments after spending so long in development was opening the custom lipstick lab in Las Vegas. Where I'm actually able to have one-on-one interactions with clients and create something unique and perfect for them.

CA: How is Dawes Cosmetics philanthropic?

ED: After my reign ended as Mrs. Nevada, I wanted to continue to be able to be philanthropic, which is why I created Dawes Cosmetics for a Cause. The charity collection gives a percentage of sales back to the various charities it supports. We allow nonprofit organizations in Las Vegas to book a custom-lipstick experience for their charity events, galas, and fundraisers, with a percentage of proceeds going to their charity.

The charity can also create their own custom lip color to sell or give to select sponsors by pre-ordering online. They'll be pre-made and shipped to you in time for your charity event, which makes for a thoughtful and affordable fundraising item or gift.

We use minimal packaging to reduce carbon footprint and waste, and only source cruelty-free ingredients from the USA, most of which are vegan and organic.

CA: What are some of your proudest moments in the industry?

ED: Winning awards is exciting, and this year we were double award-winners of the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards for Best Custom-Blended Cosmetics Business 2020 — USA, and for the LUX Customer Service Excellence Award — Las Vegas.

With the pageant, fitness, and competition coaching, it's exciting every time you work with someone new and see their personal growth and confidence improve. It was pretty amazing to have one of my ladies, Natalie Winslow, win Miss America!

CA: Where is the future of Dawes Custom Cosmetics headed?

ED: Right now, I've been really concentrating on the blog and interviewing mental-healthcare professionals as the changing environment we're currently in has been difficult for pretty much everyone. I want to be able to provide free resources to people and let them know they're not alone.

With the cosmetics, I've been doing more virtual custom-lipstick appointments, so people can create from the safety of their own home. 

I'm sure I'll expand the line beyond lipsticks, glosses, and eyeshadow in the future. But right now, I enjoy being able to focus on providing a really specialized service for people and because we focus on only a few things, we can really be the experts and the best at what we do.

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