This Former Barista Is Shaping Brewing Trends with Her Small Business

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Coffee gets the day started for many, and home brewing is as popular as ever thanks to people like Tiffany Lopez. Lopez is a young entrepreneur who has founded several companies that have shaped home-brewing trends and the specialty-coffee industry. She’s trained with World Champion Baristas and now dedicates her business expertise to creating a holistic coffee experience for everyone. 

Lopez is the founder of Barista Lab, a company that manufactures a selection of premium coffee equipment to both top-of-the-line brands as well as home brewers. Barista Lab also provides an interactive customer-service team to ensure each customer achieves their best brew. According to Lopez, she has used her extensive knowledge to “revolutionize the education of home brewing and offer superior quality products.”

CircleAround caught up with Lopez to learn more about her business and how she continues to innovate and dream big.

CA: Can you tell us a little about Barista Lab?

TL: Barista Lab is a high-quality coffee-machine manufacturing company. We offer everything from espresso makers to at-home nitro cold-brew kegs to Aeropress equipment. We do our best to educate our customers on making the best choice for THEM. We do this by staying very active on social media and by creating educational videos/blogs. 

CA: How has your business model shifted in 2020?

TL: We stay keen on what is going on in the industry and find ways to adapt our products for everyday use. Coffee is a huge part of the average adult's routine. With catastrophic changes to our daily routines, the tips and information we try to provide to our consumers has now shifted to finding comfort in their new normal and maybe even making coffee brewing a beloved hobby.

During this time, we have found that joining in on popular trends can help gain recognition and also produce content that teaches people why they need our product. Right now is the best time to be a home barista. 

CA: What are you currently working on?

TL: I'm creating the groundwork and a solid structure for all that's to come. Our newest projects are not being made public yet, but we will be announcing big things soon. We just finished our new website, which looks awesome!

My expertise from founding and running a multitude of successful companies, including multimillion-dollar Fulfillment by Amazon brands (FBA), has led me to found Posh Inc., where my team and I advise other business owners on navigating third-party platforms, insights, and strategies for dominating marketplaces. Up and coming, we have a new product line I've been working so hard on, and some online course material (still a secret). 

Use your emotion to move you toward the end goal but leave it out of everything else. Get comfortable with failure and hard work.

CA: What’s helped you find success as a small business owner?

TL: Finding the comfortable in the uncomfortable, whether it’s talking about your successes or failures or simply talking to people and connecting with people. If you don’t acknowledge yourself, no one else will. Finding the confidence to speak up for yourself not only has helped me tremendously, but it has also helped countless others.

CA: What advice would you give to someone looking to be more innovative in their industry?

TL: Figure out what you want and get moving toward it. Use your emotion to move you toward the end goal but leave it out of everything else. Get comfortable with failure and hard work. Get a role model and mentors.

If you are interested in starting your own business, learn everything about it. Never stop learning! The more you know, the more you grow, as a human and as a business owner!

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