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National Giving Away Day: Tips for a Closet Clean-out

tips for cleaning out your closet

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All of us have the ability to give in some kind of way. Holidays such as National Give Something Away Day allow us to use our ability of giving to benefit others, as well as ourselves.

There are many different ways to observe National Give Something Away Day, whether this includes giving away items you no longer need or volunteering your service to others. One of my favorite ways to observe this holiday — and throughout the year — is to donate clothes.

Life is busy and my closet is one tell-tale sign of the amount of things that accumulate in the midst of the chaos of life. Stepping back and cleaning out my closet helps me declutter, organize, and feel a lot better about my space. It also brings my attention to the things I don’t need anymore and how those items could come in handy for someone else.

In honor of National Give Something Away Day, here are four tips for a closet clean-out.

Think About How the Item Makes You Feel

I’m guilty of keeping items in my closet that don’t make me feel my most confident or my best. I tend to make excuses that maybe they’ll work someday, but unfortunately, those pieces don’t end up being worn. I’m a firm believer in comfort is key—if there’s an item in your closet that doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t make you feel good while wearing it, this is a piece to remove from your closet and donate.

Get Rid of Clothes You No Longer Wear

Another category of clothing that tends to collect dust in closets are clothes that you no longer wear. If there's a piece you haven't worn for years in your closet, chances are you won’t wear it again, especially if you’re adding new pieces that align with your current style. Clothes you no longer wear are perfect for donation.

Question Clothing With Tags

There’s a distinct difference between clothes with tags that you’ve purchased recently and clothes with tags that have been sitting in your closet for months. Sometimes we’re guilty of purchasing a piece, trying it on at home, and just not loving it. If you try on an older piece in your closet with tags and find that you still don’t love it, it’s something you can donate.

Think About How It Serves Your Style

Trends come and go, and there are times when we are drawn to purchase a piece of clothing that is a bit out of our style zone. If a piece doesn’t serve your current style, it’s probably best to say goodbye. A closet that’s filled with pieces that speak to your style now is better than hanging onto pieces you don’t feel 100% about.

Cleaning out your closet is just one of many ways to observe National Give Something Away Day. With our busy lives, stopping to clean out your closet may not be at the top of your to-do list, but once you make time for it, you may discover you have more than you realized that others can benefit from.

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