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CircleAround is partnering with NAWBO (the National Association of Women Business Owners) in a series of posts exploring the following prompt: "What comes next?" Founded in 1975, NAWBO is the unified voice of over 10 million women-owned businesses in the United States.

By Deanna Farrugia, Founder of Perspicacity

What is next? Your purpose, passion, confidence, and intentional direction is what lies ahead. Let us move forward with renewed resiliency by strengthening and bringing light to our superpowers. We begin this journey by recognizing that we all have an innate glimpse of excellence. We all hold superpowers that are ready to be released. Begin by appreciating the old you, celebrating the new you, and honoring the next you.

Reflect, ruminate, realize, and respond with emotional intelligence on how you can make the most of all relationships, goals, and achievements, because you are the architect of your life’s design.

Unlock All Your Innate Talents

Personal inventory is the key to unlocking superpowers — even if it is difficult at times. It is time to unlock all your innate talents and amazing abilities this world needs from you. Yes, you are needed, my friend. We need you to discover your true, authentic self and tell the world why you matter. When someone asks you to tell them who you are, are you prepared with unyielding intentional language to discuss your personal brand? Be sure to show what you bring to the table, so others will want to set it for you.

We all have so much to nourish in our lives. Motivators are the profound nourishment we all need. Understanding, uncovering, and identifying what motivates us is key. We all must map our motivators to recognize what we need to feed to avoid stress and burnout. The world needs the entire you to show up every day, ready to win.

Motivators are the profound nourishment we all need.

I would be remiss if I did not ask you to get uncomfortable in your personal deep dive. We must engage in — even if it is uncomfortable — what our blind spots are. In this new world, it is our responsibility to do the deep dive to uncover our biases' blind spots. Blind spots are our emotional blindness. Likened to the human eye, you cannot see what is there unless you move to a new position, do something differently. When you ignore feelings and block experiences because they are unpleasant or confusing, they become a blind spot. Awareness is the key to managing blind spots. Our world has given us the awareness —now it is time to act.

I will end by saying, there is work to do, my friend. One of my favorite quotes by Brendon Burchard says, “Remember: When you knock on the door of Opportunity, it is Work who answers.” Let us get to work on all that matters. You got this!

After 20-plus years on Wall Street, Deanna Farrugia, Founder of Perspicacityis leading the charge for all emerging executives to break barriers and reach new heights through Strengths Training, Motivators Training, Blind Spot Training, Professional Purpose & Values training, reaching overall Executive readiness, unyielding confidence, and excellence.

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