Viral Dog Adoption Post Has People Thirsty For Animal Services Worker

viral dog adoption post

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In previous years, people interested in buying a dog may have asked, "How much is that doggy in the window?" Now, people are jokingly asking: "How much is that man in the Facebook post?"

A Facebook post intended to show off a dog up for adoption in Texas went viral not only because the dog was cute, but because the employee posing with the pup was pretty hunky.

Wichita Falls Animal Services shared a photo of employee Zackry Majewski alongside a husky named Sky. In the caption, they wrote, "Zackry Majewski started with us in October of 2020. He has great compassion for the animals in our care. He is especially fond of Huskies and can always be found snuggling with a puppy in the shelter. On his time off, Zac enjoys hiking and listening to Country Music. Of course, Zac chose our resident Husky to spotlight. Sky is a beautiful girl waiting for a forever home."

Despite Sky the husky being the intended focus, commenters were quick to say things like, "Is Zack looking for his forever home 🥰" and "Is Zachary available for foster? I’ve tried the whole 'adoption' thing with guys but it seems like I’m made better for fostering them before they go off to their forever homes."

Of his newfound fame, Majewski told local news affiliate News Channel 6 that he doesn't even have Facebook so he found out from others what was happening in response to the post.

“People called me into the office, like my boss, and she was telling me, ‘It’s blowing up right now,’ and then it just kind of increased throughout the day,” Majewski told the publication, adding that he "got over a hundred people on my Snapchat adding me and Instagram and all that stuff, it was crazy."

Luckily, the attention was fruitful. Animal Services commented a few days later, saying that Sky had been adopted.

They added that they had plenty of other animals still waiting to find their forever homes. If you're interested, the organization implores people to visit their site here.

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