Why Now Is the Best Time to Reinvent Yourself

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I think we can all say that 2020 has been one helluva year.

Right from the get-go, I rang in New Year's Eve 2020 by almost getting into an argument with a security guard who wouldn’t let us into our room at the fancy hotel where my boyfriend and I were staying, but that’s a story for another time. And you don’t need me to tell you how the rest of the year progressed, with a global pandemic, racial injustice, natural disasters, and political wars.

The world will never be “the same” again. Similar, perhaps, but not the same. And while that may be a scary thought for all of us craving a little stability right now, I see it as an opportunity.

I’ve always loved this quote from Under the Tuscan Sun: “Life offers you a million chances. All you have to do is take one.”

Life offers you a million chances. All you have to do is take one.

And it’s so true. As horrible as the world has been lately for so many reasons, it’s propelled a lot of positive change, too, and I believe now is one of those “million chances” opportunities. Now is the best time to reinvent yourself.


Because so is the rest of the world!

Quite literally. This has been one of the most positive, transformative years of my life, and it’s because I did these things:

Embrace Change

Right when COVID hit, I had made the decision to leave my Los Angeles home and best friends of five years, to pick up and start over in a small town in Montana with the love of my life — where I essentially knew no one else. It was scary and very sad at times, but I felt called to do it, and I’d done this before: the first time I moved to California.

I also couldn’t deny that a part of me knew that I was always meant to leave the big city I had grown to love so much. As a person, I crave adventure, new starts, and clean slates. Something about a fresh palette and building something new just trips my trigger. And I’m happy I did, because it forced me to address another lifelong dream.

Just Go for It

I full-fledged jumped into my freelance writing career. Which, as any freelancer (of any sort) knows, is terrifying. We’ve all heard, “There will never be a right time,” and even as I write this, I’m rolling my eyes because it’s so cliché, but it’s so true, and I had leaned on that excuse for years.

Well, COVID presented an opportunity when work stopped flowing in at my once-safe and secure creative branding agency. Like so many, I was out of a job and forced to look at other options of income. So I finally did what I wanted to do for years: I became my own boss.

Do What Scares You and Trust the Process

It was terrifying, but I reached out to people I had worked with, friends, and colleagues, and started building my own brand. Now, I’ve got more clients than I can handle most days — and I’m grateful to have the work I do in a time like this. And I don’t carry sole abundance in this. I’ve watched other friends flourish in their startup businesses, too.

In this weird life limbo we’re all in, all bets are off and dreams are in. People want to support other people right now. There’s a real sense of community that’s been built, even when it feels like there's a lot of divide.

When I don’t know where to start, my dad always tells me to “just keep doing the next best thing.” Reach out for advice, start that mentorship, take that online class, outline those business plans, but just do it. And try not to be too afraid or worry about how it’s all going to work out. The true consequence is missing out on what could’ve been an opportunity.

Stop Limiting Yourself

Silly as this may sound, the pandemic really forced me to be confident in myself. Even if that meant just being confident enough to try things I’d always wanted to.

I’ve always been a little obsessed with home renovation and DIY decor, but being cooped up in the house with great design ideas really pushed me to branch out. Things I would’ve never tried in a million years without a professional present became my weekend feats. With a little coaching from my partner and oh-so-talented momma, I mastered tile sawing and grouting, woodworking and painting, removing and replacing flooring, and my latest project, building desks and headboards. Yep, I’ve been busy.

But even tackling those seemingly small projects showed me what I was truly capable of, and how I’d put myself in a box for so many years.

So often it is only us stopping us from what we truly want to do. So I challenge you to really look for those “million chances” you’re given on the daily, and use them as an opportunity to reinvent yourself into who you’ve always been — but are too afraid to be.

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