4 Easy and Healthy Lunches Your Teen Will Love

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As a mom to an only child, I loved making lunches for my son in his elementary school days. There was so much room for creativity, from making cute sandwiches to finding different kinds of juice boxes at the grocery store. The little dessert treat I put in the bag was a treat for me, too. I loved making homemade cookies or Rice Krispy treats to surprise my kiddo. And of course, that little note was the best part of all. It made me feel connected to my son at the same time he was learning how to connect to the world at large.

Now my son is heading into his last year of high school, and quicker than the blink of an eye, the days of slipping sweet little notes and stickers into his lunch box are over. These days, lunch often consists of a protein bar and a bottle of water, as he dashes out the door. But if you have the desire to do so, you can still make your high schooler a healthier alternative to whatever they serve in the cafeteria. Check out these easy-to-make recipes that your teen will love for a midday meal. And feel free to throw in a treat or two. One is never too old for a chocolate chip cookie.

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Genevie Durano

Genevie Durano has worked in various magazines in New York City, and currently is the food editor for Las Vegas Weekly magazine. See Full Bio

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