5 Herbs You’ll Want To Plant This Summer

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Vegetables are excellent, but when it comes to flavor, the following succulent herbs are the cream of the crop. Here are my suggestions for the best summer seasonings ever.


Enjoy a minty accent in your lemonade, with your brownies, or in a glass of water for a refreshing twist. Heads up: these bad boys can take over a garden in no time flat. I recommend using a pot or keeping it cordoned off in a raised bed.


Not only does it come back year over year, but rosemary is one of the best herbs for baking bread and other goodies. I suggest planting it in a relatively stable area that doesn’t change too often. This herb likes consistency, and if provided, it will grow quite large. 


I love using sage in anything related to pork, creating a lovely and wild aroma that suits any recipe for the grill. These are woody perennials like rosemary that prefer full sun whenever possible. Plant it close to other vegetables to defend against pests.


There are wide varieties of verbena on the market, from chocolaty overtones to heavenly lemon. The best part of this aromatic herb is its mosquito-repelling properties, which might come in handy during backyard parties. Keep some in pots around the patio for maximum effect, or stick some leaves in a bowl of punch for full color and flavor.


Basil is easily the most popular garden herb for salads, grilling, and more. Scatter several seeds across fertile ground to see results within a few weeks. The earlier you plant, the earlier you can start harvesting. 

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