7 Plant-Based Dessert Recipes

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Once you dive into the world of plant-based desserts, you may never go back to non-plant-based desserts again. Substitutes for common ingredients like milk, eggs, and butter are super simple and sometimes provide even more flavor than the original recipe. If you’re looking to wow your friends with something delicious and plant-based, CircleAround has you covered. Here are  seven great options to start with, from cookies  to pies to popsicles and more. 

1No-Bake Brownies

There’s no rule stating something must be baked in order to qualify as a dessert. Vegan recipe developer Marinela Malceva creates budget-friendly recipes on Go Eat Green, with plant-based food ingredients to make vegan-eating even easier. Her recipe for brownies harnesses the power of dates and walnuts to provide an ultra-fudgy brownie that requires zero baking skills, just a food processor and a fridge. 

2Peach Pie

Yes, pies can be vegan! All you need is plant-based butter and some nondairy milk as an egg wash substitute. The rest of the ingredients are already vegan and super scrumptious. We love Jenné Claiborne’s recipe for peach pie, which takes the guesswork out of vegan pie making. Her website, Sweet Potato Soul, has the full recipe, but feel free to mix it up with other fruits, nuts, and definitely some vegan ice cream on the side.

3Kitchen Sink Cookies

A little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of plant-based ingredients get you one seriously yummy treat. Eliza Schuett likes to make these cookies with her favorite snacks, like potato chips, pretzels, and nuts, to round out the chunky chocolate chips. “It’s actually more of a sweet and salty cookie, but everything is just much easier to say,” she states on her blog, The Hangry Chickpea, where you can find the recipe. 


Photo Credit: Vandana Chauhan Green Bowl 2 Soul

Vandana Chauhan wanted to incorporate her love of travel and love for cooking in a way that would help others. Today, she posts easy vegan and vegetarian recipes from around the world on her blog, Green Bowl 2 Soul. She shared her recipe for tembleque with CircleAround, and we’re pretty sure there’s no going back to pudding cups once you’ve had a taste of this Puerto Rican coconut pudding, topped with cinnamon spice.

5Lemon Tart

An eggless custard and a grainy crust made from ingredients such as coconut oil and rolled oats is how vegan food blogger Natasha Minocha makes her sweet lemon tarts. The secret ingredients for a creamy “creamless” custard? Cashews! Once soaked and added to a food processor with other ingredients, they help provide the density most dairy custards have. See the full recipe on her website, Tasha’s Artisan Foods.

6Fudgy popsicles

Photo Credit: Errika Horner, The Home Intent

“My husband and I have discovered that our bodies can't handle dairy well, so we've switched to making most of our desserts without it,” says Erika Horner, creator of The Home Intent. For a sweet treat on a hot summer day, she created a five-minute prep time, five-ingredient vegan fudgesicle that nearly everyone can enjoy. Coconut milk and maple syrup also help cut down on the calories — as if you needed more reason to skip the boxed version.

7Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake

Vegan and raw food lover Nzingah Oniwosan has us seriously salivating with her creative recipes on Yes Baby I Like It Raw. Her veganized cheesecake uses cashews and fresh mango to provide the creamy filling. She uses a mixture of dates and nuts as the crust. If fresh passion fruit isn’t available in your grocery store, look for passion fruit puree or try fresh raspberries, blueberries, or any other of your favorite fruits.

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