Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Recipes

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Households across America are prepared for the inevitable end of a season — that of the beloved Girl Scout cookies. Freezers and pantries are being fully stocked, stashes of boxes are being hidden under beds and tucked into closets, and we’re saying our solemn “see ya next year” goodbyes to our local Girl Scouts, all in preparation for the months ahead.   

We have our best intentions to make these boxes last for months, but let’s be real, once you open a sleeve for just a cookie or two, the box is empty before the end of the week. Yes, I speak from personal experience. As a matter of fact, as this is being written, my mom texted me to let me know that her impressive supply of Girl Scout cookies has dwindled down to two boxes, both half-empty.

Hey, no one’s judging here.   

In my humble opinion, there’s no reason why we can’t, and shouldn't, enjoy the overwhelming, joy-inducing flavors of Girl Scout cookies year-round, even if we do power through our supply and we can’t get our hands on another box until next season. We have to find some way to keep our cookie cravings satiated in the interim. That’s where creativity, genius and sheer desperation come into play.   

Here is a roundup of recipes inspired by Girl Scout favorites. Whether you pledge your loyalty to Samoas or sing the praises of Thin Mints, there is something for any Girl Scout cookie obsessive fanatic, er, I mean, loyal supporter to make it through the rest of the year. 


Baked Oatmeal: Samoas for breakfast? Yes, please. This recipe keeps your first meal of the day healthy by using a simple, homemade date syrup as the caramel.   

Pop Tarts: Samoas for second breakfast? Yep! This recipe features a simple chocolate ganache as gooey and satisfying filling.   

Cookie Cake: If you love Samoa cookies, then you’ll really love this cake. It has a sugar cookie base, so it’s basically one edible, giant Samoa cookie.   

Popcorn: This recipe is the ultimate upgrade to your kettle corn, elevating the flavor with toasted coconut and drizzled chocolate.   

Thin Mints

Brownies: A decadent alternative to its cookie inspiration, this recipe has a beautiful green mint frosting middle layer that is as eye-catching as it is delicious.   

Protein Shake or Vegan Smoothie Bowl: Both of these recipes offer a clean eating alternative to the classic cookie.   

Iced Coffee or Latte: Two perfect additions for your morning pick-me-up. Who knew chocolate and mint went so well with coffee?   

Donuts: No need for a fryer to make these! All you need is your oven, a donut pan and a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand.   


CupcakesPound cake smothered in peanut butter buttercream, then coated in chocolate in compact, portable cupcake morsels. This is one that will definitely make an appearance several times throughout the year.   

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Pie: A very approachable pie but no less delicious, this pie starts with a graham cracker crust base, topped with a gooey peanut buttercream filling that is blanketed with a salted chocolate ganache.   

Protein Smoothie: Imagine a cold, creamy glass of drinkable Tagalongs. Or, make this recipe instead and enjoy every sip! Plus, there’s a sneaky ingredient in here that will boost this Tagalong-inspired beverage, but you wouldn't know it.   

Blondies: It couldn’t be any easier to pull this recipe together and get your Tagalong fix. Chocolate and peanut butter are a heavenly pair, and this recipe developer is an angel.

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