All-Grill Meals Are the New One-Pot Meals

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One-pot meals have been all the rage for a while, and I totally get it. I am all for throwing dinner into a single pot and skipping all of those dishes. For this summer, though, one-pot dishes are out and all-grill meals are in.

My dad loves to grill. Anytime my siblings and I make it home, he is firing up the grill and making the most incredible meals. The meal we eat the most often is my dad’s chicken tacos, which we always refer to as “perfect food,” because they're about as close to perfect as you can come. When we do, we throw all of the best chicken-taco ingredients straight on the grill and whip up a simple, quick, and dang delicious meal.

You’ll want to start off by grilling your veggies for salsa. Get the vegetables nice and roasted, and then blend them or cut them into small chunks for a tasty, grill-flavored salsa that — bonus — you can snack on while you get the rest of the meal going.

Next, roast some corn, onions, and peppers, which you’ll slice up to put on your tacos. Then, throw on the chicken, which we always season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, grilled and cooked to perfection.

The last step is putting the tortillas on the grill. You only want to warm them up, so make sure you stay close by — they will cook fast! Get all of your other toppings ready, and you’ve got a grilled feast fit for summer.

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Ellie Haley

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