Building a Bruncharcuterie Board That Wows Guests

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Brunch may be all the rage, but the bruncharcuterie takes breakfast foods to a whole new level. Twins Sophia and Emily Schroeder know this firsthand as the teens are pros when it comes to making photographable, delicious boards. Their restaurant — Ancient City Brunch Bar in historic St. Augustine, Florida — provides customers with communal brunch-eating experiences, with something for everyone at the table. In the words of Sophia, “Making a bruncharcuterie board has no rules, but these tips help for easy transferring, serving, and efficiency during brunch. The fun part comes from the freedom it provides for your creativity.”  

Here’s how to make the perfect bruncharcuterie. 

What You will need:

  • French toast cut into sticks or triangles

  • Fresh fruit (such as strawberries, bananas, and grapes)

  • A protein (such as sausage patties, prosciutto) 

  • Brie 

  • Crackers

  • Condiments and toppings (maple syrup, jam/preserves, whipped cream, butter)

  • Something sweet, such as chocolate 

Set Up Your Board 

1Be Intentional About Placement

The first step is to separate cut fruit and preserves into ramekins or small bowls. Condiments, syrups, and toppings can be poured into tiny pitchers. While this keeps those items contained, it also allows for easy pickup and passing, and easy cleanup when finished. Be intentional when placing these bowls and pitchers on the board — they should be located next to the item they are to be paired with — syrup next to French toast, for example. Provide small teaspoons and knives for serving preserves, whipped cream, and butter. 

2Be Mindful of Size and Symmetry

Next, focus on the large items. French toast and brie will take up the biggest spaces on the board, so place them first. Arrange the French toast in domino fashion for visual interest, then sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Place the circle of brie on a wider portion of the board, with a cheese cutter next to or nestled inside the cheese. Then place the crackers around the brie, following its circular shape to provide some symmetry. These different patterns will give dimension to the board and also allow for easier access for your guests.

3Know When and Where to Put the Meat Down

Some sources of protein such as sausage and bacon can be greasy, and you don’t want that to run into the other brunch items on the board. So place small doilies under meat items first to absorb the grease and to add more visual punch. Get creative with your arrangement, layering your doilies in a pattern or positioning them around the edges of the board to maximize your space. 

4Now, Fill in the Blanks With Sweets

Fill in the spaces between the larger items with fresh fruit and chocolate. Don’t be afraid to split up the fruit — a few strawberries here and there, a cluster of grapes to one side, some artfully arranged bananas to broaden the color scheme. As with the rest of the board, the layout should be visually attractive but also practical, so guests can reach in from any side. A few squares of chocolate (Sophia likes their espresso-infused variety) will satisfy the sweet-tooths at the table and balance out the savory flavors of the other dishes.

Use any remaining empty spaces for additional grabbers, and remember that empty spaces along the edges of the board are perfectly fine, but the body of the board should be full, with a robust selection of delicacies.  

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