Health from the Kitchen: Food as Medicine

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I fundamentally believe that good health starts in our kitchens, and that our children are only as picky as the options available to them. Growing research and evidence support the fact that food helps fight diseases (think food as medicine). Nutrition plays a major role in the prevention, treatment, and cure of most diseases and sickness. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in our food are the front-line defense against allergies, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and most chronic illnesses.

I can’t over-stress the importance of wholesome food, especially if you are on a tight budget. I know it almost sounds counterintuitive, but it is true; you save more money making your food at home. Yes, I know it takes more time, but that is when meal planning and batch cooking come into play. And the taste is a lot better because fresh ingredients cooked in your kitchen — without the need for preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, and fillers — make for a more delicious meal that is chock-full of life-giving nutrients.

"It is unfortunate that we live in a society where even our health system is a pro-business and not a pro-health model."

It is unfortunate that we live in a society where even our health system is a pro-business and not a pro-health model — everyone is trying to make money. Food manufacturers are trying to "produce" profit, which makes the health of their consumers the least of their worries.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a food manufacturer and a business owner, BUT I believe with all my heart in making the kind of money that promotes health. It is the reason my company makes the same type of high-quality food like what I make in my own home, made from scratch using the freshest organic ingredients, with nothing artificial added to it. Being in the food business, I believe making food that others depend on is a sacred duty. In the same way you think of someone choosing to be a medical professional because they want to save lives, feeding others is a powerful calling, because the health of the consumer depends on the food you make. It is frustrating that more companies are not putting consumers first.

In America today, we still have ingredients in our food supply chain that have been banned in other European countries because they are considered harmful

It is incumbent upon us to be our own advocates when it comes to the health and wellness of our families. Here is an example of my weekly grocery list. Note that I buy more organic fruits, vegetables, and grains —and less meat. Meat-wise, I purchased a three-pound chicken — that was it.

VegetablesFruitGrainsBaked Goods







Prickly cucumber

Zucchini blossom


Butternut squash


Red beet


Sweet potato




Green bell pepper


Papaya (pawpaw)




Honeydew melon







Red grapefruit



Acai berry

Medjool date

Sprouted rice medley

Black-eyed pea

Red lentil

Red stick

Corn flour

Oat flour

Seeds & Nuts

Hemp seeds

Pumpkin seed;


Sprouted tofu

Herbs & Spices

Scallion (green onion)







5-ingredient sprouted whole wheat croissant

Animal Products

Feta cheese


Happy eggs

3 pounds of chicken

Not only are we what we eat, but our children are the choices we make for them. Please choose wisely. Diet continues to be the most important way to keep our children’s immune systems and defense mechanisms working well. Yes, germs and viruses are everywhere, but a well-nourished body is a harder environment for them to flourish. I am here to help you provide your family with the very best.

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Agatha Achindu

Agatha Achindu is a renowned chef. For more information on Agatha, visit her online here. See Full Bio

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