Korean BBQ and Hotpot Blues — I Miss You

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Raise your hand if this global pandemic has put a pause on you living your best foodie life. ME! (That’s me raising my hand.)

The idea of going out to eat at a sit-down restaurant now is probably something I daydream about on a daily basis. There’s one specific kind of food experience that I miss most, and that’s Korean barbeque (KBBQ).

Who would’ve thought something as simple as cooking meat on your own personal table grill would be something I would long for during a global pandemic? Seoul KBBQ & Hotpot in Aurora, Colorado, has adjoining rooms with KBBQ on one side and hotpot on the other. Best of both worlds!

There’s something different about eating this kind of food at a restaurant versus at home. Everyone has their own way of marinating meats or creating broths, but these people have mastered it. It just doesn’t “hit” the same eating something that I’ve made myself.

Restaurants across the country are slowly beginning to open back up again. KBBQ and hotpot restaurants will have to make some big adjustments, because typically their food is left out in the open so that you can grab it yourself. Although I want nothing more than to satisfy my cravings, I don’t know if I’m ready to sit down at a restaurant yet. Being sheltered these past few months due to the pandemic has brought this fear (or maybe guilty cautiousness) of being somewhere public for too long.

Would it be selfish of me to go out and put myself more at risk of bringing the virus home to family members? It’s crazy to see the world we live in now. However, I’m sure it’ll put minds at ease when we see that restaurants are strictly following the social-distancing and health guidelines. It’ll make a huge difference if we all do our part in creating a comfortable and safe environment for everyone.

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Vivian Nguyen

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