Save These Magical Liquids from Going Down the Drain

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Wait — don’t throw that out! Here are some genius moves to make delicious use of olive juice, pickle juice, sun-dried tomato or roasted pepper oil, and chickpea liquid.

Certain ingredients come with a bonus — the liquid they’re in. Full of umami-rich flavor or special properties, here are three pantry staples that come packaged with endless possibilities for livening up your recipes.

Olive Juice and Pickle Juice

Packed in a salty brine, both olives and pickles are a great place to start thinking outside of the jar.

  • Sub out this magical elixir for vinegar or lemon juice in your favorite vinaigrette.
  • Stir a little pickle juice into your potato salad for some extra zing.
  • Mix olive or pickle juice into your favorite marinade.
  • Make more pickles with different vegetables — think pickled red onions, carrots, beets, or cauliflower.

Sun-Dried Tomato or Roasted Pepper Oil

Umami-rich and a beautiful brick red, the oil-packed in with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted peppers is recipe-ready.

  • Drizzle on top of pizza or use as a dip for toasted bread.
  • Toss potatoes or cauliflower in the drained oil and roast.
  • Whisk in a little lemon juice and chopped herbs and serve with seafood.
  • Melt some in with butter the next time you make fried eggs.

Canned Chickpea Liquid

This is one we didn’t see coming. The Italians call it aquafaba — and it turns out it’s a perfect, vegan egg replacer!

  • Use 3 tablespoons for each egg in your favorite recipe for brownies.
  • Sub out for egg whites in meringue, chocolate mousse, or pavlovas — it whips up into stiff peaks.
  • Use instead of egg whites the next time you whip up fancy cocktails.

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