Omakase: Entrusting Your Chef

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My favorite food memory — and also my last dining experience before restaurants closed their dining rooms — was a Japanese omakase dinner at For[a]ged in Denver, Colorado. Omakase directly translates to “I’ll leave it up to you.” This set-up allows the chef the creative freedom to put together dishes that one can’t typically order on their menu.

Executive Chef Duy Pham puts together a special dining experience. I went here for a nice date night, but would never have thought that we’d leave with such unforgettable memories.

This was the first time that I was able to sit at the sushi bar, where we were able to interact with our chef. Having learned that, like me, he was also Vietnamese, we were able to have a deeper understanding of each other. We also had front-row seats to how each dish was created. Chef Pham told us that his inspiration comes from memorizing the way things taste and then putting texture and flavor combinations together in his head to see what complements each other.

It’s amazing how his mind and our flavor palates work. I wish mine was able to process food like that. Who’d ever have thought that bleu cheese would pair well with tuna sashimi? For someone that doesn’t typically like bleu cheese, I still can’t get over how delicious this was. The rich aroma and bold smell of the cheese is almost transparent, but at the same time adds a perfect amount of creaminess that elevates the tuna. It’s a flavor combination I never knew I needed.

This is the best part of omakases — you can discover something new that you really enjoy. It’s all part of the experience. People can be turned off by the price tag, but this is a fancy dinner that everyone could enjoy once in a while.

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