This Plant-Based Hummus And Veggie Pita Sandwich Is Sure To Be A Winner

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Hummus has been a constant in my kitchen for many years. When I was a kid, my mom would make fresh hummus weekly. Nowadays, you can buy hummus at virtually any grocery store and even at some gas stations. The chickpeas and tahini in hummus pack a powerful protein-and-fiber punch and it sure is delicious. I often use it as a dip for veggies and pita, but I also use it on several different types of sandwiches. 

It doesn't get much quicker or easier than a hummus and veggie pita sandwich. Nutritious, delicious, and done in less than five minutes, this sandwich can be customized, depending on what you have on hand and what you like. Between the whole wheat pita and hummus alone, this sandwich boasts more than 10 grams of protein, is a good source of whole grain and fiber, and can help you reach your daily veggie servings.

This recipe is for one serving, but you can easily increase the quantities to suit your needs. 


  • One whole wheat pita
  • 4 tbsp. of hummus
  • A handful of greens and/or sprouts
  • Half a cucumber
  • One shredded carrot
  • Other veggies of choice
  • Dressing, tahini, hot sauce, or salsa of choice


Slice the whole wheat pita in half and gently pry open the halves to form two pockets. 

Generously spread 2 tablespoons of hummus on the inside of each pocket. Use more if you like, but be mindful of leaving room for your veggies. Store-bought hummus works perfectly, or if you happen to have the time, you can make your own fresh hummus, which always tastes better. 

Next, load up your pita sandwich. I like to add cucumber slices (patted dry), shredded carrots and finely chopped greens or sprouts. However, you can add any veggies that you love or have on hand.

Lastly, I like to drizzle my sandwich with a fresh vinaigrette, tahini, hot sauce, or salsa, depending on my mood. As a variation, sometimes I finely chop all veggie ingredients together and toss them in dressing in a bowl before adding them into the sandwich. 

If you are planning to eat your sandwich later in the day, it’s best to avoid veggies that are wet (especially tomatoes), as they can make the pita soggy with time. You may also line the pita pocket with several large and dry leaves of lettuce before adding the hummus and veggies. The lettuce will act as a barrier between the wetter elements of your sandwich and the pita. Simply wrap up your sandwich in foil or place it in a reusable container in such a way that the ingredients won’t fall out during transport. Don’t add the dressing, hot sauce, or salsa until you are ready to eat. 

If you want more protein in your sandwich, add grilled tofu cubes, tempeh strips, or roasted chickpeas. Alternatively, you can add a few scoops of cooked quinoa. Flavoring these additions is key, which is a good reminder especially if you are new to using plant-based sources of protein. Garlic salt and onion powder are simple and reliable seasonings, but I encourage you to think outside the spice box. For example, if you love the taste of barbecue, try a barbecue seasoning on your tofu. Or consider adding cilantro and lime to your quinoa in the final minutes of cooking. 

If you have gluten sensitivities, you can easily re-create this sandwich in the form of a wrap using a gluten-free tortilla. 

I’ve been making some variation of this sandwich for many years now and haven’t tired of it yet. It’s filling, nutritious, and provides a great boost of energy for the day. I hope you enjoy yours.


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