10 Signs You’re an Older Sister

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I wear the title of “big sister” as a badge of honor. My younger brothers are my pride, and watching them grow up is one of my deepest honors. They also drive me crazy. No matter how much you’ve fought with your siblings, big sisterhood is a distinct experience shared by many. Here are 10 signs you’re the big sister:

The Ultimate Older Sister List

  1. Despite your room and your stuff being OFF LIMITS, your siblings messed with them anyway.
    Your younger sister steals your clothes, your younger brother eats your food. What does an older sister have to do to get some respect for her property?!

  2. Your parents were WAY LESS strict on your younger siblings.
    Ummm... why did your little sister get to dye her hair or go to parties when you were stuck with your natural hair color and bound to the house when you were younger? Easy. Your parents got less strict as they got older. Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, we all have to get over it.

  3. You got in trouble when they got in trouble.
    You’ve lost count of how many times your siblings have done something absolutely bonkers and you got caught in the drama that followed. When the time came for them to get in (deserved) trouble, you got asked why you didn’t stop them.

  4. You were a built-in babysitter.
    Once you got old enough, your parents definitely decided that you were the best free childcare they could ask for. When you tried to charge a modest fee, you were shut down.

  5. You’re not bossy, you’re The Boss.
    ...maybe you’re a little bossy. Being the oldest sister will do that. You’re so used to giving directions, it’s become second nature. Even as an adult, you might struggle when people don’t do what you say.

  6. You’ve definitely made your younger siblings do your chores.
    Mom told you to do the dishes, which means you told your younger siblings to do them, instead. It’s the least they could do as payment for all the things you sacrifice as their big sister.

  7. You love how much your siblings adored you.
    Your siblings worshipped the ground you walked on, and you were a gracious queen.

  8. 'Don’t tell Mom/Dad' is something you’ve said to save your skin.
    On the flip side, you’ve definitely threatened to tell your parents about your younger sibling’s misdeeds as a bargaining chip.

And How You Know You're a MUCH Older Sister

  1. 'No, they’re my brother/sister' was a staple of your vocabulary.
    Having to constantly explain that your siblings weren’t your children became second nature. This is especially true if you have any significant age gaps between siblings. Despite that...
  2. Sometimes, you felt like Mom 2.0.
    When mom isn’t around, you’re the next best thing. Add bonus points if the feeling hasn’t gone away, even as you and your siblings grew into adults.

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