5 Ways to Kiss & Make Up with Your Partner

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Conflict in a relationship is inevitable. You are two separate beings, and your opinions are bound to differ from time to time. Unfortunately, the coronavirus lockdown has not made it easier for anyone.

With couples cooped up indoors, stress levels are at an all-time high, and so are disagreements. Working from home under the same roof and managing household chores was a challenge for my husband and me, which led to quite a few heated arguments initially.

Of course, through trial and error, we were able to set work-related boundaries and maintain the house order. But this was not possible if we had not realized that arguing is not a way to communicate a position.

The thing about fights is that if handled the right way, the resolution can bring you and your partner closer and set you up to bounce back stronger than ever. Here are five ways to navigate a post-fight situation and make up with your partner.

1. Make Each Other Laugh

Seriously, laughter is the best medicine. Crack a joke or do something funny to lighten the tense atmosphere. I usually start dancing like Chandler from Friends. His victory dances are corny, entertaining, and the perfect thing to throw at my husband when he is in a foul mood.

He, on the other hand, loves sharing funny memes with me that instantly make me smile. Having a sense of harmless humor helps in repairing hurt feelings.

2. Cook Each Other's Favorite Meals

A Lightspeed GMI survey revealed couples believe that cooking can improve communication in a relationship. Therefore, next time you get into a fight with your partner, whip up a delicious meal. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

In my house, a bowl of spaghetti or grilled cheese sandwiches do the trick and get us talking. Sometimes, a steaming cup of tea helps us to move past our fight. Good food or a hot beverage can make effective mediators.

3. Identify the Root Cause of the Problem

If you and your partner have the same fights repeatedly, it is necessary to identify the underlying issue. For instance, initially, my husband and I didn’t clarify our work timings to each other. We consistently got in each other’s way, which was frustrating.

So we decided to have fixed workspaces and inform each other about our schedules in advance. With established boundaries, we were able to put off conflict to a great extent.

Therefore, have an open-hearted conversation with your partner and collaboratively implement a solution to combat the problem.

4. Watch a Movie

Arguments can be exhausting and leave the couple with very unhappy or miserable thoughts. The quickest way to dive back into your regular dynamic is to put on a movie you both enjoy, as it provides an easy distraction and dissipates the bad vibes in the room. For us, anything with Will Ferrell works.

5. Sometimes, Just Let It Be

Not every disagreement has to be studied under a microscope. Sometimes, it helps if you don’t make a big deal out of an argument. Accept your mistakes, apologize, and move on to organically soften the hard edges created by an argument.

If you have fought with your partner, remember that even the most perfect couples who are madly in love with each other disagree and argue. Conflicts don’t necessarily indicate an unfortunate situation. Therefore, communicate regularly, offer empathy, and be willing to make an effort to strengthen your relationship.

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