A Delicious Quarantined Relationship

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Exploring new restaurants in each other's cities, visiting cool science museums, and going to tons of free concerts are just a few things my boyfriend Alex and I love to do when we see each other. Our relationship has been long-distance for the last two years, and although we were used to not seeing each other every day, not being able to enjoy our biweekly weekend visits because of the coronavirus was grueling for us.

We were finally able to safely see each other again a few weeks ago, when intercity buses resumed service again. But then we were back to being apart. Still, after enduring three harsh months of a sheltered, social distanced relationship in the middle of a pandemic, we found sweet ways to show our love in a time when we both needed it the most.

On days when Alex was working late and didn’t have time to make it back home for dinner, I would have dinner waiting for him to pick up after he left work. I would order his favorite — spaghetti and meatballs from an Italian restaurant — and wouldn’t tell him until I knew he was on his way home. I would text him a “secret address” to pick up a special gift, and wait for his happy texts as he pulled up to the restaurant pickup lane and figured out what he was getting.

Food's Role in Our Relationship

Food ended up being the main way we bonded, and on some weekends, we would hold virtual cooking classes for each other. One of his favorite foods that my mom makes is the Dominican Tres Golpes, which is made with plantains, eggs, fried cheese, and salami. We decided to have a Tres Golpes cook-off and see who could make the best version of the dish. Our parents were the judges, and although I was obviously named the champion, this was one of my favorite FaceTime moments together. I loved that he was so into my family’s culture and our food.

Although we are still in the midst of a pandemic that doesn’t look like it's going anywhere, it’s reassuring to me that, while the world seems like it’s crashing down, Alex and I will always find a way to make even the darkest moments special.

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