This Emotional Letter to a Beloved Teacher Will Inspire You To Put Pen to Paper

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My first English teacher was and is a fantastic woman. She meant a lot to me as a child, and I would like to let her know how much I admire her dedication. I could try to call her, but I feel she deserves more — words that honor her, and so many like her, written for all to see. So I've written her a letter instead. 

Dear Teacher, 

I wrote this letter so many times in my heart and mind, and still, I can't find the right words to express my gratitude for the things you taught me during the seven years you were my English teacher — or just Teacher, as my peers and I used to call you.

You raised hundreds of kids throughout the years, yet I'm sure you remember me just as well or even better than I remember you, as if it were yesterday, not 20 years ago, that I left your classroom. 

I wish there was one word that said: "I owe you so much because nothing from what I am or do today would be possible if it weren't for you." But I still haven't found this magic word, so I'll say thank you instead. Thank you for giving every student a piece of your heart, because that's how you turned us into better people. 

You were my first role model and you helped me understand that I could be whoever I wanted to be when I grow up.  

I remember you came to my desk and hugged me once. It must have been during the second or third grade. I was so tiny and anxious, and English grammar was such an endeavor. And, you saw things in me that most people didn't. I'm still fascinated by how you always seemed to know how to make everything seem so easy during your classes.   

By the time I had gotten to middle school, I wanted to be an English teacher, too. And, while I didn't become a teacher, I use what you taught me every day. I can still remember some of the things you said or wrote in my notebook more than 20 years ago. I remember the stories we used to read and translate, and when I close my eyes, I can see your old exercise book and your beautiful, organized handwriting.  

As I wrote this letter, I did some online research, and I found recent pictures of you on the school's website. Your smile hasn't changed at all, and you continue to give your children the same warm look you used to give me when I was a kid. I'm so happy to know you're still teaching in the same school, working your magic,and making other kids happy. I'm sure that one day, they'll grow to be just as grateful as I am today. 

You made a difference in my life when I was little, and my memories of you continue to make a difference in my life now. 

I wish for the whole world to know that in a small town, in a country called Romania, there's a fantastic English teacher who does more than teach kids how to spell and use irregular verbs. I want everyone to know you exist because you're one of those beautiful, rare people who make this world a better place. 

Thank you for having taught us well, Teacher. 



If you, too, have a teacher who’s remained close to your heart many years after you graduated, get in touch and let them know how they’ve made your world a better place. They made a difference for us; it’s our turn to make a difference for them. 

A Word on English Teachers Worldwide 

The report “The English Effect” by The British Council says, “English increasingly belongs to the world rather than to any one country.” Currently, almost a quarter of the world’s population speaks English — 1.7 billion people, and only 400 million of them are native speakers. 

Language teachers, in general, shape minds and create better people. 

Global communication and international relationships as we know them today would be poorer without English teachers’ consistent work and dedication in all countries. They do more than teach us how to communicate in a different language; they guide us as we open our minds to understand a new culture and learn another way of expressing ourselves and our ideas. 

According to the same report, there are almost 12 million English teachers in the world today.

This post is part of a series honoring beloved teachers who make a difference with their kindness, love, and wisdom each day. Thank you to all of our educators from all of us at  To read other stories in this series, please click here

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