How I’m Planning a Bachelorette Party Amidst COVID-19

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Due to life being life, I hadn’t seen my college best friend in two years. When she surprised me by driving to Montana to spend a socially distanced weekend with me in August, I was in shock. Amidst happy tears of this long-awaited reunion, she had recently gotten engaged and arrived with a question of her own: "Will you be my maid of honor?"

During college, we were the tight-knit troublemakers known for our adventures and crazy nights out, and, like many young, boy-crazed ladies, we had frequently talked about our “someday” weddings. But for me in particular, I had been dreaming about throwing her a memorable bachelorette party for the last decade. 

I, of course, said yes, because, duh. But I hadn’t thought about the immediate challenge.

While her wedding is in January and is still on — for now — the bachelorette party could go in numerous directions. Can we go to Vegas per my decade-long plan? Will this be a private party at home? Will we have to go virtual altogether? I am ready for any and all situations, and I’ve been preparing for this moment very differently for a long time.

Assuming we go full virtual, I’ve come up with a few bachelorette-party ideas to transport partygoers back in time to the days when we ladies could just have fun for a night (cue “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”). COVID or not, you can’t stop girls from having a good time.

Bachelorette Party Prep

Get the girls hyped with a gift basket of bachelorette goodies and anything game-related. Depending on budget, your basket contents can range to include such items as:. 

  • Traditional bachelorette party gag gifts

  • Bachelorette party decorations for their at-home party space 

  • DIY spa treatments

  • Customized tumblers/glasses

  • T-shirts/tanks

The sky is truly the limit! Just remember to send these goodies to the virtual attendees well before festivities start to make sure they arrive before the bachelorette party. 

Decorate Your Space Ahead of Time

If you can’t enjoy a night out on the town, bring the town to you. Have each of your bachelorette party girls deck out their “party space” (a.k.a. virtual backdrop) and show it off during the party. Make it a competition and have the bride-to-be crown the winner of her favorite bachelorette “hot spot” for the night. Winner earns a prize.

Speaking of Prizes …

Since the traditional bachelorette party experience is out this year, prizes are an exciting incentive to get hearts racing for an even better bachelorette-party allure: covet-worthy gift cards. The easiest in this case is with virtual gift cards. Try makeup stores, bookshops, delivery services, and online boutiques for some gift-giving ideas.

Celebrating with Bachelorette Party Games

So we have to keep it somewhat mellow this year, but who doesn’t love giggle-inducing games and winning prizes? Each of these games can be played virtually, so no worries about that.

  • Bride Trivia: How well do you know the bride-to-be? Create a list of questions about the bachelorette that the girls must answer. Whomever gets the most right wins!
  • Newlywed Game: Remember the beloved 1960s TV game show? We’re bringing it back, baby. Create a list of questions that pertains to how well you know a person. Have each of the bachelorette-party besties give her answer, and see if it matches the bride’s answer for that friend. You can even include the groom by requesting his answers ahead of time and revealing them at the party. Whomever wins gets a spa gift set.
  • Would She Rather?: Etsy offers an array of choices for this game. Create a list of “would she rather” questions and have the ladies guess which answer the future Mrs. would pick. You can keep it G-rated — or get a little racy. 
  • Finish the Bachelorette’s SentenceWe’re really testing the waters of how well you know your soon-to-be-wed gal pal. Create a list of unfinished sentences, and have the ladies guess what the bride would say. Have the bride finish the sentences, as well. Whomever gets the most and is closest to the bride’s answers wins!
  • What’s in Your Cellphone: Break a little sweat in this scavenger-hunt bachelorette party game. Create a list of items that could be in their phone. Partygoers earn different points based on the item (think common finds versus not). Get creative — you know you want to. 
  • Adult Pictionary: Split the ladies into teams and have one person draw a word or phrase while the rest of the party guesses what it is. You can create your own, or you can use a preexisting list of words or phrases. Think bachelorette party, ladies.

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