Celebrate National Grandparents Day By Saying "Thanks" to Your Grandparents

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If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents around, make sure to give them some extra love and attention on the second Sunday of September. National Grandparents Day is a wonderful opportunity to give thanks and reflect on the experiences and lessons our grandparents have taught us. While it can be easy to feel disconnected to older generations due to our vastly different experiences, anyone who has lived a long and full life undoubtedly has wisdom to offer, and we should take every chance we have to soak it in while it is still available.

From sending your grandparents a handwritten card expressing your gratitude and appreciation, to spending a few hours at lunch with them if distance allows, most grandparents are blown away by the smallest of gestures by their grandchildren. There is no question that aging is difficult and often a bit scary, but there are also many joys and positive experiences that come with that process. Should you be lucky enough to witness these in your own grandparents' lives, it will not only contribute to their happiness, but it will add to your overall wisdom and outlook on life.

Although some people may feel discouraged from having lengthy conversations with their grandparents due to conflicting opinions on religion and politics, there are more meaningful topics to discuss. Ask them to tell you stories from their past -- whether it be past relationships, jobs, traumas, or their happiest moments. Their stories will be far more interesting and captivating than you may expect. You may even consider taking notes or recording them speaking. We never know how much time we are given with one another, and being able to hear your grandmother's voice or read about your grandfather's childhood might bring you an irreplaceable comfort later in life when they are no longer available to share these stories with you. 

Every year I head to Colorado for at least a week to spend time with my whole family, but mostly with my grandparents. I know that as I get older, so are they. There is no denying the fact that our time together is limited. From sitting on the porch swing with my grandfather talking about his days as a young man on a farm just after the Great Depression to listening to my Nana tell her life story as a young girl who lost her mother to suicide at only 14 years old while her father was away at war, in addition to being historical, these stories are beyond inspiring

For those whose grandparents are no longer physically here, you can still find a special way to celebrate National Grandparents Day. One of the best ways to connect with your grandparents is to reminisce about your favorite memories of them with other family members. Doing this keeps their memory and legacy alive. Another great way to celebrate National Grandparents Day is to revisit some of their old photo albums or memorabilia. Even though my grandparents are still with us, I never tire of looking through photos of them from their youth, imagining what they must have been like at my age. It allows you to relate to who your grandparents once were and have a greater understanding of yourself and where you come from. 

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