The Ultimate Care-Package Idea

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It all started with a simple phone call. 

As the world navigates a pandemic and the continual fight for social justice, I began to worry for my great-aunt, who lives alone with her dog in Minneapolis. So when I called her up and learned that there were potentially violent white supremacists trekking about her neighborhood and she had just undergone a major surgery that prevented major use of her hands, I immediately felt helpless being almost 1,000 miles away.

I found some peace in learning that several of her neighbors, with whom she is very close, had started a neighborhood watch and were patrolling day and night for the safety of all families in the neighborhood. But what distressed me further was discovering that the harmful environment was not just outside her home — but inside.

Due to the surgery’s debilitating effects, my great-aunt had been living in a dirty and unmanageable home in which she was quarantined. Having a 2-year-old black Lab as a life partner, you can imagine how dusty and dirty her small house gets. And while she’s usually a successful and a rather busy consultant (even though she’s technically retired), she’s been out of work for quite some time thanks to COVID. When she told me in passing on our call that she was unable to afford her usual cleaning lady who helps tremendously with keeping her house clean and livable, I didn’t think twice about requesting her services and covering the costs.

What I didn't expect was my aunt's reaction.  

More Than a Care Package

When I told her the cleaning lady was coming one afternoon, she burst into tears, saying this simple act of love was one of the best gifts she had ever received. I suddenly realized I was giving her something so much more than just a clean environment.

My gift was the release of anxiety and depression. On top of a scary world right now, she felt helpless in her own home, the one place everyone should feel safe. This small act meant she no longer had to carry worry, unnecessary stress, or sadness, especially when she was trying to heal her body. Sometimes the greatest gifts you can give go beyond the seemingly material, and you never know what those acts of kindness are truly providing.

In this case, it was peace of mind and the trust that she never had to take on the world alone.

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