Relationship Advice I'd Give My Younger Self

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I look back at my late teens and early 20s with fondness. Those years were spent creating unforgettable memories with my best friends, traveling around the country, and soaking up so much life experience. However, those years were simultaneously filled with stress, heartbreak, and endless confidence issues. I wanted to desperately figure things — and myself — out.

If I could go back to my younger self and dole out some advice, here’s what I’d tell her: demand more, don’t settle for anything less than happiness, and go for it.

So, to my younger self…

Don’t settle for the guy who won’t publicly acknowledge you, even though you’ve been dating on the down-low for months. You are a catch, and worth showing off to their friend circles and families. There are plenty of partners who will love you and accept you. They’ll be proud to show you off to their friends and relatives.

Be proactive versus reactive. Instead of crying to your best friends about your romantic trials and tribulations, hoping things will get better month after month, take action. Demand what you need from a partner (within reason, of course), and don’t settle for anything less than happiness. Find what makes you happy and fiercely chase after it.

Sure, you are young and have time, but at the end of the day, life is short. Don’t waste precious moments on things that make you feel less than yourself.

You accept what you think you deserve, so learn to believe that you deserve the world. Trust me: you do.

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Emily Roethle

Emily Roethle is a freelance writer in San Diego who loves to share stories about food, fitness, wellness and travel. See Full Bio

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