3 Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Female BFF

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The relationships that I have with the women in my life are ones I will always cherish. It is a bond that is incomparable to any other in my life. The way I’m able to talk to them without fear of judgment or catch up after a while like we never even left each other's sides is something that holds so much significance to my heart. 

While there are no words in the world to describe how grateful I am for the powerful friendships I have with the women in my life, I love to get creative in terms of how to express my appreciation for them from time to time through my actions. Below are some thoughtful ways you can, too.

Write a Sentimental Letter

Yes, the art of snail mail is still very much alive and well and can be such a fun way to show your appreciation to your BFF. It encompasses that aspect of surprise and takes a more traditional route to sending a meaningful message. 

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve grown older is that it gets so much harder to connect with your BFFs, especially when things such as school, work, or life place distance between you. Writing a sentimental letter to check in with your gal pals is a way to get both you and your friends to just pause and embrace the true power of the friendship you have.

Send a Surprise Venmo Payment

Sometimes we all get so busy that we don’t even think about how much the simple things matter until it happens. One thing I love doing from time to time is sending a surprise Venmo payment to my BFF and leaving a cute note telling them to treat themselves to coffee or a drink. 

This is something that absolutely makes my entire week when it happens to me — why not spread some love and appreciation and pay it forward when you have a few extra bucks?

Send a ‘Thinking of You Text Message or Call 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things sweet and simple by sending a text message or calling your gal pal out of the blue just to check in or express how much they mean to you. Sometimes, after a long day, that’s all a friend needs to feel loved and acknowledged. I love receiving text messages like these because it makes me feel as though I was on my best friend’s mind when I didn’t even expect it. You never know how someone’s day is going; this is a great way to remind them that you’re there for them no matter what.

This month is Women’s Friendship Month, which is the perfect opportunity for you to create new, lasting memories with your female BFFs. While this is something you may do already, take this month to try something new and continue to remind them how much their time, energy, and presence means to you.

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