Why Virtual Meetings Might Be Ideal for Helping Moms Connect

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As a mom of three whose husband often works late evenings, I typically have been unable to attend nights out with my friends who are also moms because I didn’t have childcare. RSVPing “no” to every mom’s night out made me feel disconnected from my community of friends, but childcare is hard to find, especially finding specialized care for a child on the autism spectrum.

When in-person meetups went digital, I was excited because I would finally be able to attend the events I’d been longing to go to. Attending an event online in the age of COVID meant that my lack of childcare was no longer an issue. This spring, I attended a virtual-craft night while my preetens kept my toddler occupied in the next room, and it was so much fun. Spending time connecting with other moms, laughing, and doing something for myself after a couple months of being stuck in my home with no other adults to talk to was so refreshing. I hadn’t realized how much I had been missing out on until I was able to join in.

With the increase of virtual meetings, I feel like moms are able to connect with each other more easily, because childcare is not needed. And that’s whether moms don’t have anyone to watch their kids due to financial reasons, single parenting, lack of sitters who specialize in caring for children with special needs, or for other reasons. I really hope this trend of virtual meetups continues, even when it’s safe for groups to get together again, so that every mom has the opportunity to have a much-needed girl’s night.

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Alicia Peiffer

Alicia lives in the Chicago suburbs where she is raising two preteens and a toddler with her husband. She works from home... See Full Bio

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