10 Ebony-Esque Editor Favorites for Home & Body

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My obsession with all things black began in the clothes department, but the boldness quickly found its way into every area of my life. From my black car to the bread bowl on top of my dining room table, and from the clothes in my closet to the tips of my apothecary jar housed matches, black accents have pulled me in like a moth to the flame. The dramatic contrasts make me feel bold, confident, and determined, and thrilled to be living a life on my own terms.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite things from Amazon – where “buy now” buttons allow you to up your décor, accessories, and outfit game in just two days – so you can get your bold on, too. 

1Ribbed Knit Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

There isn’t a more classic color, fit, or look than a little – or long – black dress that hugs your curves and makes you feel sexy whether you are heading out of the house to meet friends, or staying in for a houseparty. This long black sweater dress will keep you cozy couture all winter long for under $40. 

2Sleek Aviator Sunglasses

The aviator look is naturally everything all other sunglasses pretend to ber: timeless, movie-esque beauty that instantly adds the look of sophistication while keeping the sun – or inquiring minds – out of your eyes. You’ll have people doing double takes –  intrigued by who you are – for under $20. 

3Stainless Steel Analog Minimalist Watch

When you live the kind of life you do –  tight for time as you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, at home and at the office – you deserve to feel glam in this gorgeous timepiece as it elegantly ticks away the minutes just a glance away while you focus on conquering the world.

4Plaid Shawl for Winter Warmth

Shawls are a win for the body temperature control-challenged – use them as wearable blankets and wrap yourself up like you’re receiving a long-awaited loving hug, or let the panels elegantly drape around your body flowing and showing your exquisite sense of style and confidence. 

5Faux Rabbit Fur Slippers

The super soft faux rabbit fur in these crisscross sandal slippers will have you feeling like the Queen of Sheba as you traipse around your home in luxurious comfort. Don’t let the sandal look give you a chill – these slippers are the perfect combination of exposure and warmth, especially for those of us whose heat may be flashing. 

6Quilted Crossbody Bag

The texture of this quilted crossbody bag adds depth and interest to any outfit – all black or otherwise. It’s the perfect addition to date night or girls night, complementing jeans to dresses while safekeeping the valuables you want to keep close.

7The New Dawn Ebony Bowl

Measuring nearly two feet long, this rustic wooden bread bowl takes on a whole new life as a twenty-first century dining table centerpiece. Sure, it provides a great space to heap chocolate croissants for weekend brunch – I wouldn’t have it any other way – but its uses aren’t limited to bread. From seasonal decorative elements to a row of succulents surrounded by moss to a pile of clementines or other fruit, this beauty provides many options.

8Elegant Black Slate Coasters

Let water stains become a thing of the past while upping your décor edge with these black slate coasters, made from natural charcoal. Their weight and width demand attention to ensure your guests know how much you value your surfaces. Cork padded bottoms lend another layer of protection. 

9Artisan Black Tip Matches

There once was a time when people stowed away their matches, but that ended when these long necked beauties came on the scene. Practical, pretty, and meant to make their home in the comforts of a glass apothecary jar, these black tipped matches will light any fire you so desire while also elevating the décor of your home. 

10Hand Carved Wood Chain Link

From strings of large wooden beads to chunky wooden chain links, there isn’t an Instagram influencer who hasn’t added these to the bookshelf décor of their home – and we are right there with them. If you are looking to add a boldly curious pop of black to your home, these carved wood chain links are a great first building block to those efforts. 

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