10 Perennial Plants To Buy For The Growing Season

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Warm weather is finally on the horizon, and with it the arrival of delicate flowers, buds, and leaves. However, buying annual plants year over year can add up, and the cost of seedlings is certainly not going to fall anytime soon. Instead, consider planting a garden full of returning perennials that will continue to bloom every single year. Here are a few tried and true classics that can fit any type of garden bed, regardless of your planting skills.

1Shade Garden Wildflower

Wildflowers are an excellent choice for endangered pollinators, and create an eclectic space that requires little care. If you happen to have shady or patchy parts of the lawn, these wildflower seeds will fit right in! Most of these flowers will reseed around your yard, particularly the native varieties.

2Wild Leeks / Ramps

Wild ramps are some of the most sought-after culinary plants in America. By purchasing seeds that come up year over year, you can stylize your yard while snacking on fresh greens all spring long. Use mature leaves to dress up salads, soups, and stir fries, or collect the seeds to continue propagation around your property. 

3Scorzonera / Oyster Root Seeds

Also known as Scorzonera Hispanica, black salsify, or oyster root, this rare perennial is a must-have for any serious gardener. Sow seeds directly into the ground for best results, and leave their growth up to whim and chance. Just wait until the roots mature to spice up your meals with the root’s distinctive oyster flavor!

4Echinacea Starter Perennial Plants

What’s not to love about echinacea’s striking colors and medicinal properties? Live plants are even easier to sow, and will come back again and again under the right sun and watering conditions. Allow these plants to go to seed every winter in order to feed birds, add visual interest, and continue spreading your garden bed.

5Perennial Foxglove Plants

Hummingbirds can’t get enough of the beautiful and exotic foxglove plant. These tall herbaceous perennials look beautiful in any garden bed, and stand out within flower borders or pollinator gardens. Colors of pink, white, and soft purple are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. Live plants get acclimated to new gardens quickly, and may spread over the course of several years.

6Carnation, Clove 'Chabaud Mix' Seeds

There’s a good reason why carnations are some of the most popular flowers in the garden. Striking tones of red, white, and pink look beautiful as cut flowers, and even better when worn or fastened in the hair. A couple packets will easily fill gaps around the garden, and spring up year over year when you least expect it. 

7Nine Star Perennial Cauliflower/Broccoli

You might not think of broccoli or cauliflower as the most stylish plant in the garden, but when rooted in the right location, this perennial is full of surprises! Get delicious flavors and unique textures in perennial beds, and enjoy a bounty of heads for 5 years or more. Allowing your cauliflower to go to seed naturally will increase spread rates.

8Dryland Drought Tolerant Seed Mix

Do you struggle to get anything to survive around your drought-heavy property? This mix is for you! Filled to the brim with annual and perennial seeds, wildflower mixes provide safe harborage spaces for rare insects, animals, and birds. Provide just a bit of water to get started, then enjoy the incredible benefits of a wildflower meadow!

9Perennial Pink Columbine seeds

Few people have the opportunity to experience the fleeting bloom of a columbine. These breathtaking flowers are both delicate and fragile, and provide nutrient dense snacking for birds, bees, and wild pollinating flies. These plants happen to be deer resistant as well, making them perfect for properties dealing with a heavy wildlife presence.

10Heuchera Electric Plum Starter Perennials

Shady yards across the US benefit from the colors of heuchera. This purple variety looks particularly good when paired with the bright green foliage of hostas, ferns, and other shade-tolerant friends. Later in the year, heuchera will produce magnificent pink blooms on single stems. This plant will be the star of your garden, especially in late summer to early fall.

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