5 New-to-You Hobby Kits to Tantalize Your Inner Creative Genius

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How many times have you found yourself watching a YouTube video of an artist creating an elaborate painting or scrolling through your Instagram feed only to see your friend jamming out on the guitar? “Wow, that’s so impressive,” you might think. “I could never do that.” Well, now is the time to quell those self doubts.

It’s actually a lot easier to pick up a hobby than you may know, especially nowadays when starter kits for many skills are only a click away. The old childhood adage is true, practice really does make perfect, and with these kits, you’ll be impressing your loved ones with your mad abilities in no time.

1Wood Whittling Kit

Wood working can be an especially daunting hobby to jump into. But, you won’t be needing a workshop to get started when you purchase this Wood Whittling Kit. The kit comes with cut resistant gloves, a roll bag, wood blocks, a leather strop, and three different whittling knives. Great for beginners, adults, and kids.

2Knitting Kits for Beginners

Knitting is one of the most popular hobbies around the world and has been for years. Who wouldn’t want to craft their own comfy creations? This knitting kit for beginners includes bamboo knitting needles, three different kinds of yarn, a yarn needle, an instruction pamphlet, and patterns to create your own dishcloths.

3Deluxe Painting Kit for Adults

Painting is one of the best forms of expression and everyone has their own inner artist waiting to be unleashed. This 48 piece beginner painting kit includes an adjustable mini wooden easel, a set of 10 brushes, 24 acrylic paints, both wooden and plastic palettes, two painting knives, three sponges, six canvases in two different sizes, and a color mixing wheel.

4Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Plants can be healthy companions for apartment or home living. But, if you’ve been cursed with a black thumb, you may be hesitant to try your hand at gardening. This Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit makes things easy for you, complete with seeds, pots, soil, and an instruction kit. Plus, you’ll be able to eat the fruits of your labor.

5Calligraphy Set for Beginners

If drawing or painting doesn’t tickle your creative senses, calligraphy may be a hobby for you. Whether you’re looking to decorate your next dinner party or write fancy Thank You cards, this skill is going to come in handy. The Calligraphy Set for Beginners comes with everything you need to perfect your lettering in no time.

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