5 Must-Have Patio Items For Summer Entertaining

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Summertime is just a few weeks away, including all the outdoor parties you’ve been dying to host. If you feel a little out of practice (or under prepared), you’re not alone. We are in upgrade mode, too, and wanted to share a few of the faves we look forward to impressing our guests with.  

14-Piece Teak Seating Set

Give everyone a comfy place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the great company. This four-piece set includes two chairs, a table, and a loveseat bench that provides sturdy seating for just about anyone. Feel free to couple the set with your favorite pair of outdoor cushions for a stylish take on entertainment.

2Personalized Beverage Tub with Stand

Easily display and fetch party drinks with this beautiful beverage tub stand. From sodas and wine to water bottles and specialty beverages, show guests you care about them — and their hydration. Feel free to pick up the beverage tub for simpler entertaining, or buy the stand and tub combination for the ultimate drink display.

3Custom Metal Fire Bowl

Take your outdoor fire pit to a new level with this eye-catching custom design. Handmade from recyclable materials and with a lifetime warranty against rust, you can turn any part of the backyard into a friendly gathering place. Purchase the model with the added lid for smoking, roasting, and easy storage.

4Outdoor String Lights 25 Feet

Light up the night sky with decorative outdoor bulbs that combine a beautiful form with practical function. Simply and easily set up these strings of lights around patios, seating areas, or porches, and keep the party going long after the sun sets. You can replace the bulbs with festive colors for a unique (and seasonal) twist all year round. 

510'x10' Gazebo Tent

Make your party a smash hit — no matter what the weather brings Protect your guests and your table from wind, rain, sun, and the occasional mosquito with a protective gazebo that can be nestled onto deck or placed on patios or grass. Pull back the walls and netting as you please, and easily remove the fabric covering for reusability in spring, summer, and fall.

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