6 Fun-in-the-Sun Items for Your Next Beach Vacay

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Whether you’re a local on the coast or you’re planning to visit a beach for your summer vacation, there are several items that make trekking to the sand all the more enjoyable and smooth. From adorable, personalized bags, to cozy and cute towels, get ready to have some fun in the sun with these six must-have items for your next beach vacation.  

1Personalized Jelly Bags

How cute are these simple yet stylish jelly bags? Though they are not exclusively for the beach, these plastic handbags are perfect for packing your towels, toys, and other beach accessories. Simply choose your color and decide if you want to personalize your bag with a full name or an initial.

2Stylish Straw Visors

While some visors appear outdated or goofy, these straw visors have a modern appeal that make them a great choice for stylish water frolickers looking to protect themselves from the sun. Though these visors are available in several colors, the more neutral colors like brown and off-white look the most upscale and modern. Made from palm leaves, these visors are both darling and durable. 

3Portable Beach Table

How convenient would it be to be able to bring a table to the beach? Thanks to this portable beach table, you can. This lightweight table is easy to transport and carry around, ensuring that you don't exhaust yourself before finding the perfect spot on the beach. Food, drinks, games … This table takes beach days to the next level. 

4Beautiful Beach Towels

From the color to the quality, your beach towel is one of the most important elements of your beach day set up. Thankfully, these Turkish towels are available in 17 colors, allowing you to buy several for a reasonable price and mix and match according to your style and mood. You also have the option to add personalized embroidery for the whole family. 

5Cooler with Wheels

Coolers are imperative when it comes to keeping your drinks cold and your food fresh. The Yedi Sledi creates an optimal climate for your refreshments while making it easier than ever to transport thanks to the wheels. From Yeti to RTIC, these coolers boast amazing quality and can be customized with secondary colors for a sleek appearance. 

6Customized Sand Spikers

Make your beach day so much brighter with these cute cupholders. They are incredibly easy to use, and spike right into the sand so you can set them up wherever and whenever. These cup holders are available in more than 20 colors and can be customized per your choosing, from a phrase to a monogram. 

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