6 Themed Hotels To WOW You

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When we travel, we want to be wowed. Be it by the sites or our hotels – our vacay dopamine hit is completely reliant on our environment. So, how about shaking it up with a stay in a medieval castle? A Roman goddess suite? A trip back in time? 

Sounds like our kind of adventure! 

Themed hotel rooms and hotels can be the hidden gem your adventurous heart is craving, and their unique experience is always one for the books. 

Ready to spice up your travel and transport to another world? Start packin’.

1Big Cypress Lodge in Memphis, TN

Five-star outdoor luxury is yours with this themed luxury hotel, nestled in the heart of downtown Memphis. Its interior mountain and aquatic setting transports you to the vast wilderness. Big Cypress’ rustic hunting cabin-inspired suites provide a soulful reset, all while offering the luxuries of culturally-rich city life just outside your door. Concrete forest, anyone?

2Adventure Suites in North Conway, NH

This themed hotel plops you smack dab into your favorite fiction or time era. Depending on what adventure you’re seeking, themed hotel rooms range from a Roman goddess suite and Neanderthal experience to a 70s-inspired love shack or wine cellar. Really want something immersive? The themed hotel also offers a simulated haunted castle overnight experience in a 3-tier “dormatorium,” complete with an asylum, drawbridge, and technology-produced jump scares.

3Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC, NY

Step inside a painting with this five-story, art-themed hotel. Every inch of the NYC hotel is exploding with art installations from artists all around the world with original works dating back to the 1980s. Each room is completely unique – showing off an array of artistic styles including watercolor, contemporary, abstract, surrealism, and so much more.

4Victorian Mansion at Los Alamos in Los Alamos, CA

Vino lovers - this themed hotel is the perfect pairing to your favorite bottle of wine. The Victorian Mansion is nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara wine country in the sweet town of Los Alamos. While the Victorian Mansion displays an elegant and ornate outward appearance, inside it offers six themed hotel rooms falling under the following categories: 50s, Gypsy, Roman, Egyptian, Pirate, and French. Staying true to Victorian form, despite the somewhat cheesy themes, each room still exudes elegance while taking you on a nostalgic adventure.  

5Black Swan Inn in Pocatello, ID

Transport yourself to the world of Atlantis, Romeo & Juliet, or the Arabian Nights and so many other exotic places via their museum-worthy murals and décor at the Black Swan Inn’s romantic, themed hotel rooms. Open the door to your room in this themed hotel and you’re opening the door to a whole new world (we sang the Disney song in our head too). If your senses aren’t stimulated (or totally confused about where you actually are), we’ll be surprised.

6Legoland Resort Hotel in Winter Haven, FL

Families with Lego-fans will love this Lego-themed hotel and resort. It’s a dream for kids (and really fun adults) with more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions, a waterpark, and an aquarium. Y’all, if this resort doesn’t stir some serious childhood nostalgia then at the very least it’ll fulfill your childlike enthusiasm for theme parks. Embrace or relive your youth with this themed hotel – your inner child will thank you. 

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