6 Ways To Connect Kids With Nature While Staying Inside

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There are numerous benefits to immersing oneself in nature during childhood and beyond. Although these benefits make spending time outdoors essential, we all know it’s not always possible. On those days, there are still numerous ways for children to connect with the outdoors. Try having them explore nature using some of our favorite ideas below. 

1Terrarium Kit

Curiosity will be sparked with the hands-on learning experience of a terrarium. It is a perfect way to bring nature inside. Following the step-by-step guide, children will be occupied for hours as they design their own amazing ecosystem. This kit includes an LED light that transforms their garden into a magical world to observe. 

2Nature Art Kits

Encourage your children to get creative with nature art kits. This Nature Art Box is one of our favorites for young explorers who love to create art with the treasures they find outside. This book has wonderful illustrations to inspire and guide children to complete 65 inventive crafts using the materials they have been collecting in your home. 

3Indoor Composting

Captivate children on a higher level as they learn first-hand about the decomposition process. This indoor composting container gives children a remarkable opportunity to observe what happens underground and compare the rates of decomposition. As a bonus, the aerated lid will keep any rancid smells from wafting through your house. 

4Fossil Kit

Explore the past with a fossil kit from National Geographic. The kit contains real fossils that are millions of years old and is perfect for any budding archeologist or curious child. Children will be engaged for hours as they dig and excavate fossils that they would most likely never find playing outside. 

5Nature Theater

Engage your child’s imagination with adorable hand-made animal masks. Read animal stories with your children and encourage them to act out the story. For children who find facts more fun than performing, try reading non-fiction books or watching educational videos about the animal they choose. Then encourage your child to wear their mask as they share their newly learned facts.  

6Worm Farm

Fascinate children with this worm farm. It ships with LIVE worms and is easy to set up once it arrives. Children will be able to closely observe the magic that happens in the world beneath their feet. Pair it with a book about worms to make it a complete learning experience. Watching wiggly worms is sure to engage children for hours.

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Michelle is a homeschool mom, elementary teacher, gardener, and forest school teacher based in CT who strives to live a balanced, holistic and fun life. See Full Bio

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