7 Self-Care Mother's Day Gifts for the Woman Who Took Care of You

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As stress and uncertainty continue to take hold of our world, there is no better time than now to invest in some much-needed self-care for the most important women in your life. Whether you’re looking for some top-notch Mother's Day gifts or simply hoping to treat someone special in your life, giving the gift of relaxation is priceless. 

1Plush Bathtub Pillow

There is nothing quite like soaking in a hot bubble bath after a long day. That’s why this bathtub pillow is the ultimate gift for those who want to turn their bathroom into their own personal spa. This pillow protects your neck and back from the hard, cold tub, providing extra comfort and cushion. 

2Body Balm Massage Candle

In addition to setting the mood with some intoxicating scents, these candles double as massage oil, making this a great gift for those wanting to give their partner or loved one some primo relaxation. These handmade massage candles are available in more than 12 scents, and they leave the skin feeling soft, silky, and completely rejuvenated. 

3Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

While taking care of one's skin is important, the various steps and routines can become overwhelming. This anti-aging kit from Yeouth makes getting your glow on easier than ever. The products leave your skin feeling soft and silky, and before you know it, you’ll be excited about your nighttime routine. 

4Acrylic Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub trays or caddies make life easier for a multitude of reasons. They are able to hold everything from wine to a book, allowing you to experience the highest level of comfort while indulging in a bubble bath. Thanks to its clear, acrylic design, this caddy fits in with a variety of styles and aesthetics. 

5Lavender Eye Pillow

From aiding in migraine relief to creating a sense of calm and serenity, these flax seed-filled lavender eye pillows are a must-have for those looking to take their relaxation to the next level. In addition to having the option to choose between silk, satin, or cotton, these plush eye pillows are also available in more than 15 colors. 

6Automatic Neck Massager

How amazing would it be to indulge in a neck massage at the snap of your fingers? Thanks to this automatic neck and back massager, that dream can become a reality. With eight kneading settings, users are able to adjust everything from speed to pressure for their optimal massage. It is also heated, providing extra relief and stimulation. 

7Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a special and impactful resource when it comes to relaxing or reaching a meditative state. The soothing vibrations are said to increase positive energy and encourage harmony. Plus, this adorable set is a stunning addition to any space and is available in a variety of sizes and cushion colors, making them just as decorative as they are useful. 

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