7 Photography Accessories for Next-Level Storytelling

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Our most precious photography subjects tend to double as our muses, and having the tools to help you realize your inspired vision can make the difference between just-okay snapshots and images you love. Visual storytelling is something we all understand, yet the results we envision can prove frustratingly elusive. If you’re not a natural Leibovitz or Geddes, these suggestions can help elevate your photography.

1Super Grip Tripod

A small, flexible tripod that hangs on to just about anything you can wrap its legs around inspires creativity beyond your reach and frees you to become part of the story.

2Multi-Disc Light Reflector

Bouncing light to illuminate your subject is an age-old technique for balancing exposure, filling in shadows, or adding a highlight where it's needed. Five different surfaces conveniently built into a zip-off cover, plus the disc itself, provide all the options you’ll need to warm up a scene, add some sparkle, or dim down harsh light for next-level results.

3Cute Camera Critters

School photographers the world over can attest to the magical effect these cute camera critters can have on little smiles. Perched atop your lens, they keep both of your hands free to support your camera while eliciting expressions of joy and wonder. 

4Handheld Stabilizer

Do you love video? See a story in every moment? Hear soundtracks in your head? Unleash your inner Coppola to capture your little one's toy stories in ultra high resolution video that stays level, even while chasing rambunctious toddlers. Pocketable and rechargeable, the DJI Pocket 2 makes everyday storytelling spontaneous and fun.

5Fisheye Smartphone Lens

Lavish your smartphone with ultra-wide vistas for creative effects and unique perspectives. To use it, you’ll need a compatible Moment "(M) Force" case which is, for better or worse, the gateway to a whole suite of temptations from a beloved purveyor of photography gear and accessories.

6Smartphone Studio Light

Your phone's built-in flash is great if you want to bathe your subject in harsh, flat light. For more flattering results, go with a handheld light that syncs with your phone's camera and pops when you snap.

7Camera Strap

The importance of a good camera strap can't be overstated. The BlackRapid Curve Breathe comfortably secures your camera in a natural position while freeing your hands for motivational hugs and other important tasks.  

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Jerome Pennington

Jerome Pennington is a commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. See Full Bio

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