7 Stylish Planners to Elevate Productivity

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Using a planner is simply life-changing! From keeping you organized to ensuring you never miss a deadline, there are many reasons to invest in a solid planner for 2022. Whether you want something sleek and simple or intricate and personalized, there are great options to choose from. Increase your productivity and alleviate some stress during your workweek by purchasing one of these seven stylish planners from Etsy and Amazon.

1Personalized Leather Planner

With six different fonts and styles available, this leather planner from Tergusco allows you to personalize it exactly as you desire. From simple, small initials to your full first name embedded on the planner, the choice is yours. The leather cover ensures quality protection and durability – guaranteeing it will last through the year.

2Palm Leaf Planner

This palm leaf planner has a nice pop of color for those who want something simple yet feminine. Designed similarly to a spiral notebook, this planner is easy to flip through and keep track of. It is also very light, making it easy to carry and slip in with your laptop carrier or purse. 

3Artsy Planner

Between the artistic desert sun cover and the user-friendly layout, this 2022 planner is handmade with the utmost care so you can stay organized and increase your productivity. While the colors on the cover are fairly neutral, the image still catches the eye, but most importantly, your schedule will catch a case of organization.

4Sleek and Simple Planner

If you prefer a more classic and traditional planner, check out this option from AT-A-GLANCE. The dark black cover offers a sleek appeal that is complemented by the small “2022” font in the top right corner. This planner looks as professional as they come, and is bound by some heavy-duty twin wiring for optimal durability. 

5Manifestation Planner

In addition to keeping you organized and on top of your schedule, a manifestation planner helps you map out your goals and think positively about your future. Whether you’re looking to increase motivation or add some spirituality to your daily routine, this planner is both unique and effective.

6Minimalist Planner

This simple yet stylish planner is straightforward and great for those looking to de-clutter their life. Encouraging you to take things “one day at a time,” this planner from FayCoPapier offers a minimalistic style that makes it easy to use and keep up with. It also adds some pep to your step as a gratitude and self-care planner.

7Personalized Vegan Leather Planner

If you appreciate the durability and texture of leather but prefer to avoid using products made from animals, this vegan leather planner gives you the best of both worlds. With 10 different color options and six different personalization options, this custom planner is made to fit your exact needs and style.

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