Amazon Finds From TikTok That Changed Our Lives

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If you too succumbed to the allure of TikTok during the pandemic, then we have a pretty good idea of how you’ve spent at least an hour (or five) of your day. Through all of our endless scrolling, we’ve been entranced by Emily Mariko’s kitchen habits, entertained by the dances of Cost n’ Mayor, and, of course, made a lot of impulse purchases.

Of our absurd haul of items impressed upon us by the power of TikTok, we’ve rounded up five that changed our lives.

1SmartMouth DDS Mouthwash

This stuff makes us feel just-went-to-the-dentist clean in a way that not even our best toothpaste can and has gotten us into a habit of swishing twice a day. If you’re not usually into mouthwash, this may just be the thing that changes you (it did for us).

2The Clean Ball

A teensy sticky ball in a little hole-covered cage, The Clean Ball is a simple yet brilliant concept for anyone who uses their handbags as a dumpster. No, it won’t rid the bottom of your bag of crumpled up receipts or that half-eaten granola bar, but it will pick up the crumbs and smaller detritus to keep your bag looking more classy than trashy.

3Insulated Tumbler with Straw and Flip Lid

After avoiding buying this tumbler for over a year, we finally caved and can confirm this is not “just a cup.” Recommended by thousands of TikTok users, this has helped us stay better hydrated for the last few months, it’s easy to clean, and it keeps your water (tea, juice, etc) cold for HOURS.

4Blemish Patch

The unfortunate reality of being a human is that acne does not stop in your teen years. For those of us who get those nasty cystic bumps –especially during a specific time of the month – these little guys will suck the bad stuff out of your face quite literally while you sleep. Slap one on an offending blemish before you turn the lights out and wake up with no bump.

5Cooling, Luxury Gel Pillow

We were sold when we were told these would make our beds feel like a hotel bed, but upon night after night of trial… They may be even better than that. They’re also somehow always cool, which is perfect for anyone else who happens to run hot at night.

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