Cheery Spring Accessories to Get You Out of Your Winter Funk

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Nothing gives you more bounce in your step after a long, cold winter than seeing the days get longer and realizing warmer, sunnier days are just around the bend. As you trade your wool coat for a light jacket, it’s also time to start thinking more about how you’re accessorizing. Our ensembles are about to be on full display without all that bulky outerwear, hats, and scarves covering us up. 

If you’re not quite in the spring mood yet, let’s go on a journey together and find some pieces to perk you up. We can all but guarantee that when you put one of these on, you’ll feel a little bit closer to everything coming up roses.

1Fun, Round Sunglasses

Wooo! It’s Spring Break, baby! Or, at least that’s the name of these shades and how they’ll make you feel. Whether you’re planning to pop by a pool or maybe just past your office’s painting of a pool as you head to your lunch break, these classy ladies will keep you looking fun and shielded from the rays.

2Terracotta Silk Velvet Scrunchies

Some trends are long overdue for their renaissance and scrunchies are definitely part of that class. These lovely hair ties do triple duty in being incredibly soft, super cute, and holding your ‘do in place.

3Recycled Statement Earrings

Fun earrings have the uncanny ability to turn even the most blah of moods into a party. Get into dancing mode with this acrylic set that’ll look great on any ear.

4Macrame Market Bag

Be the sustainable queen we know you can be and throw away that dirty canvas tote you’ve never washed, but got for free with a New Yorker subscription. It’s time to go to the grocery store in style and put your fruits in this beautiful (and super cheap) tote.

5Flower Nail Art Stickers

Want nails that look like they were done by a professional, but don’t cost a million bucks? These decals give you artiste-quality designs that are punchy and perfect for spring, for a fraction of the price. We recommend buying a pack and inviting a few friends over for a nail party.

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