6 Father’s Day Gifts for the Camera Nerd Dad

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Do you have a photographer or filmmaker in your life? When it comes time to buy Father’s Day gifts — or birthday gifts — for the camera-loving dad, it can be hard to think of something that lines up with their interests. This gift guide includes several unique gift ideas that play with — or nod to — their love for the image. 

1Camera Lens Coffee Mug

For the man who loves coffee and all things photography, this camera lens coffee mug is a perfect gift. It’s a stainless steel vacuum coffee mug that will keep coffee hot and ready to sip on the go, while making it look like he’s carrying around a camera lens.

2Camera Wooden Pencil Holder

Photographers and filmmakers have desks and office supplies, too, and this pencil holder is an attractive, wooden organizer that lends a nod to their talent.

3Camera Strap for DSLR/SLR Cameras

In the old days, the go-to Father’s Day gift was a necktie. For the photographer or videographer dad, a camera strap is kind of like a necktie. They come in different designs and lend a bit of personality to the workplace, wherever that may be. 

4Travel Backpack

Anyone who lives with a photographer or filmmaker knows that both professions come with a lot of stuff. This backpack gives them one place to organize it all, making transporting their gear to shoots easy.

5Photography Idea Cards

This fun set of inspiration cards may be a great way to make a game out of photography, letting the photographer in your life share their talents with kids, friends, and other family members. The set includes 72 unique photography challenges, each with their own theme.

6K9 80mm Crystal Ball with Stand

This crystal ball might look like a paperweight or something used to tell fortunes, but it’s actually a unique photography and videography tool that can be used to create neat effects like reflections, inverted images, and other effects.

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