Spring Shopping That Freshens Up You and Your Home

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March may come in like a lion and out like a lamb, but spring is a time for an overall rebirth from plants to people. So it’s time to plan for our spring cleaning, physically and metaphorically. This change of season blesses us with warmer weather, too, so there are some items you’ll want to treat yourself to in preparation for a new season of YOU. 

1Long-Sleeved Sundress

Though your skin may be craving the warmth of the sun after winter, early spring can still be chilly. This Amoretu dress comes in a wide variety of colors and offers the best of both worlds, long sleeves and a short skirt. Plus, a wrap dress allows you to adjust the size depending on the type of fit you need.

2Lightweight Jacket

Any change of season means a change of wardrobe. But, as you transition from different kinds of weather, some accessories are a must. A lightweight coat can help keep you warm as take your long-stored summer outfits out for a spin. As a bonus, this versatile coat will also help you bridge the clothing gap between summer and fall. 

3Hanging Closet Organizer

Now is the time for spring cleaning and to transition from sweaters to t-shirts. This closet organizer will help you do both! The RollKeeper can hold up to 20 t-shirts and fits conveniently on the inside (or outside) of your closet door. Unlike most storage devices, this one also looks kind of cool while keeping you organized.

4Spring Cleaning Supplies

If you’re going to be tackling your spring cleaning head on, you’ll need some pretty hearty cleaning supplies. The Pink Stuff multipack of cleaning solutions is powerful, yet also, let’s face it, cute. The multipack comes with cleaning paste, multi-purpose cleaner spray, and “The Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner.” There should be no chore you can’t tackle with these tools.

5Sunny Day Sneakers

One of the best parts of spring is being able to kick off all of that bulky winter wear. These custom-made hand painted Airforce 1’s feature cherry blossoms, making them the ultimate spring shoe. The woman-owned store also has acrylic nail sets to match most of their shoe prints, the perfect accessory to match your new sneaks.

6Iced Coffee Maker

To complete your transition to warmer weather, it’s time to make the switch from hot coffee to iced coffee. An eco-friendly way to swap out your morning java is to make your own brew. This cold brew coffee maker will not only keep you fueled in the morning, it will fit up to one quart of coffee. 

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