Spruce Up Your Space With Spring Decor

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While most people have a tendency to do spring cleaning, it is also a wonderful season for redecorating. From colorful wreaths to charming signs that spread a cheerful message, spring decor is simple and sweet. That being said, it can make a huge difference in your space and set the mood in a positive and joyful manner. If you’re in the spirit of spring and sprucing up your space, give your home some extra love with these five festive decorations. 

1Stained Glass Hanging Plant

If you love plants but don’t have the most developed green thumb, this stained glass hanging plant is the perfect piece of decor to hang in front of your window. It is available in four styles and shapes, allowing you to get creative and choose the option that will fit with your aesthetic the best. 

2Word Wall Art

This simple black and white sign is a subtle yet sweet addition to any wall during spring. There are five frame options that you can choose from and it is also available in multiple sizes depending on how much space you have to work with. If you want to add a personal touch, simply specify in your order. 

3Welcome Mat

Nothing says spring quite like a joyful greeting at the front door. This welcome mat features simple floral cartoons that are youthful and minimalistic, and is available in three sizes. The ink used is also layered, meaning it is built to last. The top layer is made of coconut fibers, making it an eco-friendly option as well. 

4Set of Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass has definitely made a name for itself as a trendy, popular, and low-maintenance way to decorate the home. This set comes with five large pieces, though you may want to order a couple of sets if you’re looking to fill a large vase or create lots of volume. 

5Hummingbird and Butterfly Window Stickers

If you are looking for more subtle decor that is still festive and fun, these hummingbird and butterfly window stickers are perfect for you. Place them on one of your front-facing windows so that neighbors walking by might catch a glimpse of these adorable and floral images. You can also place these decals on a mirror inside for a more noticeable touch. 

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