Start New Summer Hobbies With These 7 Beginner Kits

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While the trips are lovely and the sunshine plentiful, summer is much more than vacation season. It’s a time to recharge, and it provides space to become adventurous. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to reclaim some much-needed R&R — including working on your hobbies.

Do no hobbies come to mind? No worries. Now is the perfect time to rediscover your inner creative.

This summer, give yourself a little margin by discovering a brand-new hobby — including one of these beginner kits that are sure to get creative juices flowing.

1Beer Making Kit

What could kick off the summer better than DIY home brewing? This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to get started — including a beer recipe. You’ll be able to taste your first batch in about four weeks, giving you plenty of time to perfect the craft. 

2DIY Terrarium Kit for Adults

If you have a green thumb, terrariums might be just the summer hobby for you. Put together a stunning display with real succulents and delicate pebbles, all with a unique shape that complements any home or office. Once comfortable with the kit, you can start DIYing your terrariums from scratch.

3Soapstone Carving and Whittling

Move over, wood carving — there’s a new favorite in town. Soapstone is one of the most malleable rocks on Earth, quickly whittled into a smooth shape within 90 minutes or less. This kit provides all the basics, including a pre-fab lion shape to help you learn. Once you become comfortable, you can start making soapstone carvings from your imagination!

4Mini Pottery Wheel

Craft mugs, vases, and bowls of your own with this mini pottery maker. Its compact design fits nicely into any space and offers just the right amount of “oomph” to help you learn. Choose to use instant drying clay to get the hang of things, or move on to fire-dried clays for an even fancier look.

5DIY Solar Printing Kit

Sometimes called ‘cyanotypes,’ solar printing uses light-sensitive paper to create unique works of art. Get prints of interesting plants or flowers, or try the stencil method to bring your imagination to life. The possibilities are limitless; just dip your final paper in water to permanently fix the image.

6Make Your Own Box of Chocolates

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s chocolate. Try making some tasty treats of your own with a specialized kit perfect for new learners. Work with four different types of chocolate to create truffles, filled chocolates, cocoa bombs, and more. Bonus recipes are also available for the adventurous chef.

7Wedge Espadrille Kits

Combine your summer outfits with a hobby you can look (and feel) good about. This shoe making kit is an excellent project for fashion aficionados with a passion for “the look.” Painstakingly create handmade footwear for you and by you — in every sense. And with some upkeep and maintenance, they’re sure to last a while.

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