The Best Nail Polish Colors and Nail Accessories for Spring

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So long are the days of dark colors and neutrals. It’s the perfect time to transition into some brighter pops of color through your wardrobe, accessory choice, and even in your manicure. 

Although many trends come and go, there are a few that you can never go wrong with when it comes to channeling the spring season. If you're on the hunt for some nail polish colors and accessories to show off this season and beyond, below are some we highly recommend you add to your cart.

1Essie ‘You Do Blue’ Nail Polish

This eye-catching nail polish is the perfect way to kick off a spring manicure with something vibrant and different. It’s the perfect combination of periwinkle purple and blue, and it reflects off a shimmery, pearl finish in the light. 

Aside from coming from the timeless brand, Essie, it looks beautiful on all skin complexions and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

2OPI ‘Racing for Pinks’ Nail Polish

For all of those who are lovers of pink, this striking polish comes from OPI’s latest XBox Spring 2022 collection. It makes a statement alone, combined with other colors from the collection, or when used to create a design. If pink is a color that comes to mind for the spring as it does for me, this is a shade you can’t go wrong with. 

3‘Staycation’ Duri Nail Polish

If you have no idea what colors to choose for a spring manicure, going with pastels is an easy place to start.

This pastel orange polish has an opaque, glossy formula and it’s also vegan. Pull some inspiration from the name of this polish and consider using this one for your next ‘staycation’ or spring break.

4‘Halo’ Color Club Halographic Hues Nail Polish

Holographic nails are predicted to be a spring manicure trend this year, so this is a must-add to your stash. This polish is also a fun play on a combination of colors and the light that hits it.

Use this polish to create an ombre effect on top of a nude manicure or allow them to stand on your nails alone.

5‘Lily Pond’ Nail Art Stickers - Deco Miami

Butterflies, fresh blooms, and lush greenery are just a few signs that spring is in the air. These nail art stickers allow you to elevate your spring manicure even further by adding some spring symbols to your nails. 

They’re mess-free, easy to apply, and are perfect for making a statement, especially against one of the spring nail polishes above.

6Easter Bunny Peeps Candy Nail Art Decal Sticker Set

Whether you celebrate Easter or are just looking for an adorable way to add some spunk to your spring mani, these peeps candy nail art decal stickers are a sweet way to do it.

They are high quality and follow a simple, peel and stick application that can be accomplished in minutes.

7‘Spring Fling’ Nail Polish Wraps

For those who are new to nail wraps, they make life a lot easier. Nail wraps are stickers that can be wrapped around the entire nail and do not require heat or polish.

The pastel, plaid design on these nail strips allow you to achieve the perfect spring manicure, minus all the work. You can even cut them to your desired shape if you would like to use them as an accent instead.

Sometimes a vibrant and bold manicure is all it takes to brighten up your mood. Give one of the colors or accessories a try this season.

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