Throw the Ultimate Dinner Party with These 7 Accessories

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Gathering with friends, family, and loved ones feels more special than ever. While parties are great, a simple dinner party is a more intimate way to bring people together over good food and good drinks. From the place settings to the invitations, there are many moving parts to creating a warm and inviting space for guests to unwind. Celebrate the art of gathering and throw the ultimate dinner party with these seven accessories

1Stunning Bowls and Plates

No dining table is complete without a stunning set of plateware. These handmade clay plates and bowls are perfect if you prefer a more earthy and rustic aesthetic. Since they are made by hand, each piece is unique and special, even microwave and dishwasher-safe. Each set is available in nine colors and two different styles. 

2Custom Invitations

Though it may seem a bit old-fashioned, there is nothing quite as classy as a physical invitation. These printable dinner party invitations can be customized to your liking and with your info, and the simple design is the perfect style for any theme. The gold outline and the whimsical greenery on the edges starts any dinner party off on a sophisticated foot. 

3Linen Napkins

Linen napkins are more sustainable, eco-friendly, and elegant. Take your place setting to the next level with these linen napkins made from 100% stonewashed linens. Best of all, these napkins are available in more than 25 different colors, ensuring that every aesthetic, theme, and style can be accommodated. In addition to being stunning, they are durable and functional. 

4Concrete Wine Bottle Coasters

Is a dinner party really a dinner party if there aren’t at least a couple of bottles of wine on the table? These concrete coasters add a modern touch to the layout and also protect your table from ring marks and damage. The coasters are available in 20 colors that range from white to black to teal. 

5Custom Acrylic Menu

Greet your guests with this adorable acrylic menu so they know what to expect when it comes to each course. A physical menu adds professionalism and expertise to a dinner party, but these mirrored menus are way more fashionable than standard paper ones. They are also available in nine colors. 

6Vinyl Placemats

In addition to sprucing up a table, placemats can also lead to less mess and make it easier to clean up at the end of the evening. These vinyl placemats have a cool, modern design, and the fact that they are handwoven means that each placemat is different from the others. These non-slip placemats are durable, simple, and stunning, and they look great under various plateware. 

7Bamboo Dinner Plates

Looking for something more bohemian and minimalistic? These bamboo dinner plates are eco-friendly and fun, and they are a great addition to an outdoor dinner party. They are made in three sizes so you can use them for different courses and meals, although they are best used for dry appetizers like chips, bread, or other uncooked items. 

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