Supplies to Create a WFH Outdoor Office This Summer

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Corporate offices are notoriously cold and hidden from the outside world during the summer months — the air conditioning blasts, windows are far away, and a sweet summer breeze is out of reach. As many professionals work from home, that cold office may be a thing of the past. If opening a window at home doesn’t seem quite indulgent enough, why not move your work-from-home setup out into the great outdoors? Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way. 

1Portable Multifunction Work Desk

This little setup has everything you need for a home office in one convenient portable case, including power and charging with both standard outlets and USB hookups, a built-in LED light for video conferencing, storage and organization, and a built-in magnetic dry erase board for on-the-go note taking. 

2Vintage Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re someone who likes to listen to music while you work, a portable bluetooth speaker will make that possible in your outdoor office. This retro-style speaker offers a connection from 33 feet away, ensuring that you can play tunes during your work-from-yard days.

3Folding Desk

If a blanket in the yard or your outdoor picnic table aren't quite cutting it for a work surface, why not get a desk you can easily take outside with you? This folding desk requires no assembly — just unfold it and you have a perfectly professional two-tier desk ready for you to get to work.

4Outdoor Screen Room

Bugs getting in the way of your productivity while working outdoors? You can still be surrounded by fresh air while keeping the bugs out with this igloo-style screen room for the yard. Pop your portable desk inside and get to it. 

5Portable Floor Fan

This battery-powered fan will create a summer breeze for your outdoor work setup even when Mother Nature isn’t providing one. An adjustable base lets you set the fan up at the height that works best for you, and you’ll have four speeds to choose from to ensure the breeze is just right. 

6Carryall Office Supply Tote

One drawback to a work-from-yard experience is moving your supplies outside without too much hoopla. This tote works great to carry your small objects in one trip, enabling you to keep things organized whenever you want to be mobile.

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