Toys to Inspire the Budding Storyteller

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For many writers and storytellers, the excitement of creating, capturing, and sharing stories starts young. Luckily, there are plenty of games, activities, and kits out there to help the budding writer or storyteller craft new tales, play with the concept of storytelling, and otherwise hone their creative chops. Here are a few gift ideas to give the budding storyteller in your life. 

1Story Cubes

This compact set of dice features pictures on each side that, when put together, create wild and imaginative stories straight from the mind of the person who rolled the dice. Story Cubes can be used to inspire stories or as a game for the whole family. 

2101 Story Starters for Kids

Every good writer needs inspiration, and story prompts are a go-to way to get your creative juices flowing. This book is full of jumping off points for the young storyteller to let their imagination run wild.

3Create a Story Cards

For the natural-born storyteller who is telling stories before they can even read or write, this set of imaginative cards, for ages 3 and up, inspires new fairy tales by offering cards that depict different story elements that can be mixed and matched.

4Book Making Kit

This bookmaking kit includes everything your budding story teller needs to create a book: paper, markers, storytelling technique tips. The best part? Once the book is written and illustrated, you can mail the pages off to Illustory, who will turn them into a hardcover book for no additional cost.

5Comic Book Making Kit

Like Illustory’s bookmaking kit, the My Comic Book kit results in a professionally-printed comic book at no extra charge and includes all of the elements needed to create your own comic book: information on how to create the story, pages to draw the book, and markers to do the illustrating.

6Blank Hardcover Book

For a project the budding storyteller can start and finish right at home, these blank hardcover books are a perfect fit. A five-pack offers multiple opportunities to fill these hardcover book pages with new stories and images, and the covers can be drawn on, too.

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