4 Body Positivity Accounts to Follow Right Now

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With so many messages in the media perpetuating stringent standards of beauty, it can be a daily struggle to feel good about your own body. Feeling positive about yourself may feel even harder these days with the added stressors of the global pandemic and the current cultural climate.

Too often, being kinder to yourself and your body is an afterthought, despite the fact that we only get one body in this life. If you’re still on the journey of body acceptance, you are far from alone. To inspire you and some positive body feelings, we’ve gathered some of our favorite body positive-centric bloggers for you to follow to get those good vibes flowing.

1. Jazzmyne Robbins

A BuzzFeed video producer, Jazzmyne Robbins is constantly inspiring us with her fashion, beauty tips, and overall attitude. From bathing suits to bleaching her eyebrows to offering some words of wisdom, Robbins offers those new to the movement the whole package when it comes to loving yourself.

2. Noelle Downing

Brooklyn-based Noelle Downing keeps it real on her page, promoting body diversity daily and constantly stressing that women can be sexy at any size. She’s also not afraid to call out companies who don’t support women of all sizes, including the very platform she posts daily on — Instagram. She’s pushed back on the platform for its double standard on nude photos from mid- to plus-size women vs. smaller women.

3. Chinae Alexander

Self-proclaimed “body confidence aficionado” Chinae Alexander gives her followers everything from beauty to fashion to fitness tips, but does so in a very honest, vulnerable way. Her posts are often accompanied by thoughtful captions and a very engaged comments section. She also hosts a podcast, Press Send, that elaborates on many of her thoughts on wellness and more.

4. Courtney Quinn

NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Courtney Quinn’s page, @ColorMeCourtney, is a visual snack that we can only describe as a ray of sunshine meets a rainbow meets a unicorn. She wholly embraces every color under the sun, inspiring many of us who just default to black on black to branch out a little. In addition to her how-to style videos for fellow curvy women, she uses her page to talk about things like Black haircare, pop culture, and, of course, body acceptance. Following her account guarantees your feed will get a splash of color.

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