People Are Loving Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

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You probably didn't know you needed a revamped Cruella de Vil, the iconic villain from Disney's 101 Dalmatians, but Emma Stone has arrived to give you one.

On Tuesday, a teaser poster featuring the actress as the evil, fur-loving character in Cruella, the upcoming prequel to 101 Dalmations was released.

Stone, 32, who's been attached to this film since 2016, is seen on the poster with the famous black-and-white hairstyle of De Vil. Stone also has a smokey eye and deathly glare.

"Hello, Cruel World. New Trailer Tomorrow," read the tweet alongside the poster image via the film's official page.

In response to the chatter bubbling up on social media about the film, fans were quick to say things like, "Emma Stone as Cruella is going to be everything I just know it," and "I urgently need to see Emma Stone as Cruella."

Another even went as far as to say that "Stone was clearly born to play Cruella de Vil."

At D23 in 2019, the biennial exposition event for Disney fans, fans got a first look at Stone and her co-star (another Emma!) Emma Thompson on set for the film. Stone said the film will take a look at De Vil's life in her early days.

In case you forgot, De Vil is the main antagonist of the 1961 animated feature film dedicated to spotted pups. In addition to being a fashion-obsessed wealthy heiress, De Vil's primary goal in 101 Dalmations is to use the skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies to create a fur coat. Cruella is slated to take place long before these events.

“It’s 1970s, set in London — can you get out of my eyeliner please?” said Stone in a video clip at the time. “It’s punk rock. A great cast.”

Keep an eye out for the film's trailer soon. The film drops May 2021.

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