Amanda Kloots Recalled the Heartbreaking Final Conversation She Had With Nick Cordero

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Amanda Kloots recalls the last conversation she had with husband Nick Cordero before his death last July in her new book and it's heartbreaking.

The 39-year-old mom penned a memoir titled Live Your Life, coined from a song her late husband wrote prior to his tragic death from complications due to COVID-19, which came out this week.

Kloots talks about the day in March 2020 when she took her husband of nearly three years to the emergency room. Not knowing that Cordero would ultimately spend the next and final 90 days of his life in the hospital, Kloots said she and their infant son, Elvis, saw Cordero for the last time as himself in the parking lot of that emergency room.

Shortly thereafter, he was admitted, sent to the ICU, and would call his wife just one night later to tell her he was going on a ventilator. Of the harrowing conversation, Kloots wrote that Cordero told her: "'They have to put me in a medically induced coma so my body can rest. It should only be a few days, but I won’t be able to talk to you anymore after this call. I’m scared,' he said."  

"'I’m scared, too, honey,' I whispered, trying not to wake up Elvis, 'but it will be okay. I’m sure what the doctors are saying is the right thing. I’ll take care of Elvis — don’t worry about us. I love you,' I said. 'I love you, too.' "I didn’t understand the seriousness of that decision. Neither did Nick," she writes. "April 1 at four a.m. was the last time I heard my husband’s voice," she wrote.

Kloots would find out months later from a nurse, during a night when Cordero had a close-call prior to his death, that before going on the ventilator "Nick had talked about how much he loved Elvis and me."

"He said Nick had even shown him pictures of us and told him about our new home in Laurel Canyon. 'He was afraid to go on the ventilator. Before he went under, he asked me, 'Will I see my wife and child again?'" wrote Kloots.

The Tony Award-nominated actor, who starred in Waitress, A Bronx Tale, and Bullets Over Broadway, died at the age of 41 after battling a myriad of COVID-19 complications including a series of "mini-strokes, blood clots, septic infections, a tracheostomy, and a temporary pacemaker implanted." He also had his right leg amputated and was in talks to undergo a double lung transplant.

In the wake of his death, Kloots has paid homage to his memory on social media and often updates fans with how she's processing life after his death and managing her grief. 

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